“You will be changed dramatically…” Rachel M.


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Breakthrough School sponsored by Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden is changing lives! Read what Rachel M. (one of our Course 1 students) had to say about Breakthrough School:

Basics in Breakthrough made significant changes in my life. In the course, I enjoyed setting specific goals and then accomplishing those goals. Amazingly, I discovered that I was achieving breakthrough in areas that I hadn’t even mentioned or considered…

I could feel the changes coming in waves. If you need breakthrough in any area, begin taking the first of the required courses in which you will learn the basics of breakthrough It is quite likely that you will be changed dramatically. As for me, I will continue taking as many of these breakthrough courses as I can.
~ ~ Rachel M.

The next rotation of online classes begins on March 13th. In these classes, you will have a new lesson each week for six weeks. The schedule is yours to set according to the time you have available each week to read the lesson, watch the accompany video and complete the enriching and engaging activations that come with each lesson.

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Reviews from Other Students:


Question: Would you recommend these classes to others?

Answer: I would recommend this course to everyone wanting to go to a higher level spiritually, personally, and financially! This course educates and activates the daily process that truly will bring breakthrough to your life and the lives of others. Please, give it a chance to prepare you for a brighter future!

Question: What especially benefited you?

I was especially blessed to learn how to align myself with the Father’s desires for my life. This occurs when I take my thoughts captive by not allowing myself to own those thoughts with opinions and judgments. Then I release the thoughts to the Fathers capable hands believing Him for a favorable outcome. Wow, this works every time!!
Anyone taking this course is in store for miraculous breakthroughs in life! ~ Phil Trujillo


This course came along at the right time in my life. I had been trying to stand, war, decree and declare for my breakthrough, but needed something more. I was looking for something more solid, for more strategy. This course provided just that. It was different than I thought it would be, yet very helpful. The teaching is very weighty and I’m honestly still digesting some of the lessons. (This is okay, because there are PDF’s of each teaching so you can download and review.) The course required more time and commitment than I thought, but has contributed to my spiritual growth. I can say that I am looking forward to taking the next Breakthrough course (Advanced Strategies.) God bless Prophet Russ and Kitty for sharing their experiences with honesty and integrity. ~~ PM


“This course gives you profound, practical strategies to engage in the process of seeing your dreams become reality. You will find permission to dream again. I highly recommend Breakthrough School.” ~~ Dallas Neil / Business Owner


Yes, I would absolutely recommend Breakthrough School. Breakthrough school has helped, corrected, aligned, and established me in moving forward to be able to prosper into the next level. The interaction, the revelation with so much illumination was absolutely priceless. It has been what I been looking for.

I loved the weekly videos, I love listening to Prophet Russ everything he spoke ignited my spirit putting it, not just on fire, but was like removing areas that was blocking me, without even realizing it, I can’t even explain all I even received. I know there was so much impartation thats unfolding, and about to manifest. So many unanswered thoughts, questions were answered and brought to life. Breakthrough School has given me so much more confidence, clarity, hope, and drive. I cannot wait to the next one. I already know I am going to take them all..I am ready to stand up and radically go after all God put in me, I am forever eternally grateful. I love you Pappa Russ, and Mamma Kitty. ~~ Danielle Dione Price


I praise God for this course – Prophet Russ gave us all such tangible, practical application which we could immediately apply. I absolutely sense the power of all the prayers, the impartation of God’s anointing to bring us all to breakthrough. God’s process is bringing us through to a new level, teaching us life changing principles that will grow us from glory to glory. OH SO GRATEFUL!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU RUSS AND KITTY FOR TEACHING US WHAT THE LORD HAS SHOWN AND DEMONSTRATED TO YOU! THANK YOU GEORGETTE AND TERRI FOR BEING WONDERFUL ANOINTED FACILITATORS! Your love for us and your desire for us to move in all God has is so evident! We thank you!!! ~ ~Jennifer M.


I encourage anyone who is looking for personal breakthrough to consider these life affirming courses! I’m truly grateful for receiving teaching that is refreshingly honest and taught from the warehouse of personal experience in the life of the teacher. The lessons are full of assignments which puts what I have learnt into practice. The school has a wonderful supportive atmosphere, quick helpful support from course assistants, and a great resource centre with access to further teachings of Prophet Russ that really brings encouragement to each student. The students are from all over the world bringing together a unique experience of friendship and deeper understanding of God’s love for each of us. I found my life has been enriched and I look forward to the next course! ~~ Wendy J.


My name is Kenya McMillian, I would like to share that this course has blessed my life. I have been experiencing breakthrough in every area of my life, The fear that I once felt is being remove daily as I step out in faith, apply what Im learning and be obedient to God. I would love to take the next course in breakthrough school. This course is awesome and I can sense and hear the authority of the Father and the love for our growth and breakthrough very loudly. I would certainly recommend this course to any one who is ready to be prepared for total breakthrough. What benefited me most is when we make a plan for action. ~ Kenya


In Course 1 “Activating the Prophetic,” someone like me is given the opportunity to get a good and solid introduction into the prophetic and to start walking in it. The pace of the teachings allows for small steps of growth to be taken, week by week. Prophet Russ has created a safe environment of learning, with the addition of assistants that not only pray for us, but encourage us along the way as we, like toddlers, take those first shaky steps, hoping and praying that we somehow heard, seen or sensed something that God is communicating to us correctly and found the courage to express it. I certainly feel stretched. I have learned something more of the process of hearing God’s voice and feel that even though my steps may not be confident yet, I have delved deeper and gone further than ever before. ~ ~ Carola K.


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