The Final Destination

October 8, 2018


This is Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden. In the early morning hours, the Father woke me up with a powerful prophetic word that is timely for the body of Christ. We broadcast the “Morning Light Bible Study” very early in the morning, so I hurriedly wrote it down, not intending to share it in the program. As the broadcast opened I knew God wanted me to release it not only for those tuning in but to send it out to you as well. Above is a clip of that word and below is the transcription. God Bless you.

Prophet Russ Walden

The train is stopping says the Father. The train is stopping at the station and some people are getting off and some people are getting on. Some people are bringing luggage and some people are bringing baggage. Get rid of your baggage says the Father. Leave your baggage on the platform and come with hands emptied from previous assignments and open to new opportunities in My kingdom.

It’s a one-way trip says God – there is no going back. The way things have been, even people that were fixtures in your life in times past, you are now leaving behind. It’s time to take your seat now, no more jockeying for position. The angels are going up and down the aisle checking tickets. Sadly, I see one escorted off who thought he had the right ticket and had paid the price but had did not. This person is escorted off the train and left on the platform with their baggage as the train begins to depart.

“Take your seat,” I hear the porter say again. There are window seats available and many rush to take them. Some of those in the window seats, I see the angel porters reach across and pull down the shades saying “you aren’t ready – come with me…” and then escort that person to the dining car. In the dining car, there is only one meal on the menu – the blood and body of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some look at that menu and frown for it doesn’t offer their favorite meal but the Father says “unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood you have no part in Me….”

Get ready says the Father things are now getting underway. I see one person open a window and heave out some baggage that they know they shouldn’t have brought on the train. There are many stops upon the way and as the train stops at the first destination many excitedly get off. This station has a sign labeled “Gift Junction.” That’s all they want. Just give them the gifts and they will be happy and fulfilled.

The train moves on toward other stops and in time, its ultimate destination. Another stop many disembark at is “Blessing Crossroads”. There are those who are happy and content to stop there because they couldn’t imagine anything further down the track for them than the blessing of God.

The next stop is a Political Whistle stop – many strong men and women of God get off here for this is a platform and destination that holds much fascination for them. There other stops coming up, and now with many getting off, the seats that were full in the beginning have many vacancies now. The next stop is Mantle Station. There are many mantles hanging there on the platform ready to be picked up … apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher… amazingly EVERYONE gets off here and excitedly starts trying on different mantles and admiring and complimenting one another.

The train starts to pull away even though it is completely empty and some look up and realize Mantle Station isn’t their stop either. They run as hard as they can and the angel porters lean out of the door to give them a hand – just a few who manage to get back on to make it to the final destination. It’s the last stop up ahead and the train comes to halt in a cloud of steam so much that it isn’t clear what things look like. As the cloud clears up – those few that got back on look and they see the cross and Jesus standing by in white raiment. They run to his side and fall at his feet kissing the nail scars there.

This is their final destination.

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