dpw-150The Father says today know that you are blessed with faithful Abraham. The blessings of Abraham are yours not through natural lineage, or genealogy or the circumstances of your birth. The blessings of Abraham are yours because you have come to Me and been born again in My kingdom as sons and daughters raised in newness of life. You are ordained to walk in the fullness of favor of which Abraham’s experience was only a dim shadow. Just as prosperity was My will for Abraham’s life even so prosperity is My will for your life says the Father. I am bringing debt reduction and debt liquidation and debt elimination into your life. Do not be snared again in the bondage of debt for I will bring you to surplus and bless you in even in this area. Because Abraham knew what success was even so you will know what success looks like in everything that you put your hand to..

It’s a new day says the Father and you are now learning to operate with Me in a new way. Money moves by the spirit and as you move by the Spirit in the area where your finances are concerned even so the broad, deep, and unlimited resources of heaven will show up even on your bottom line. You will have enough says the Father and plenty left over because surplus is the default state of the kingdom that I have translated you into out of the domain of darkness that you might know the full bandwidth of favor, provision, and prosperity bought by the blood of Jesus and made available to you to experience and rejoice in in your everyday life. So get ready for good measure, pressed down and shaken together. Get ready for supernatural money making ideas to come to you. Get ready for supernatural insight and understanding how to make more money and how to manage the money you have in such a way that the question won’t be having enough to meet the need but what to do with all that is left over because I have blessed you in fullness even in this area of your life.

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