The Father says today, that old things have passed away and all things are become new. I have dissolved in Myself on the cross every curse and every imposition of hell against your life. As I have raised to new life, so there is resurrection life coursing through your veins. Where is sickness and disease? It is excluded. Where is weakness and disability? It is lifted by My power. Where is death? It no longer has any sting that it can strike you with. You are mine. I am yours. The love relationship has begun. New favor has found you this day. You are accepted in the beloved. You are entitled as a favored son and a favored daughter in My kingdom.

Be encouraged this day, says the Father. It is not a vain thing or a naïve thing to take courage and comfort from My word. The world wants you to be discouraged and angered at what you see happening around you. Anger is not a fruit of the Spirit! There is no wisdom found in the furrowed brow! Rejoice and let the peace and joy that IS My kingdom fill you and well up within you! Laugh the laugh of faith, says God! Say “Bah, Ha, Ha!” for this is the derisiveness of the joy of God that causes all the strongholds of the enemy to be brought down to dust and splinters in a moment of time! I am with you, says God, and will never leave you nor forsake you. This is your security and this is your comfort in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, says your Father.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Amen! Thank you, Papa! I receive this word over my life!

  • Anonymous says:

    I receive this Word in Jesus name. Thank You father for Your promises over my life.

  • Sslly says:

    Thank you so much…. Much life hope and strength is coming to me from God through your prophesying . Also before reading yesterday’s post about the venom of the serpent, God had downloaded some revelation to me about the venom of the cobra and how it represented fleshly/demonic anger that had come against me And how he is delivering me and setting me apart from that to him. I am so grateful to you for being a vessel for so much confirmation and thus strength in what has been a wilderness season for me. Your ministry is having huge impact.
    I know that the freedom he brings in my life will then impact many others lives. Bless you!

  • Love this word glory thank you daddy God I am a kings kid

  • Anonymous says:

    Such a real and encouraging word…I receive…thank you…have a n exciting day…❤️

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