dpw-150The Father says today command your eyes to see and your ears to hear that which the Spirit is revealing to you right now. When you look with the eye of the Spirit says the Father you are not going to see the problem you are going to see the solution. When you look with the eye of the Spirit you are not going to see what the devil is doing, you’re going to see what I have already done. Open your spiritual eyes, says the Father, no longer being problem conscious, but viewing all from the posture of God consciousness. Enter into the finished work of Calvary. Say of your soul “I will not look at the problem I will look to the Father”. Even as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent in the wilderness and all who looked upon it survived, even so I say to you, do not look at the serpent coiled to strike you but look to that which I have done for you 2000 years ago. Look and live, says the Father and as you look to me, so I will cause the smoke and mirror assault of the enemy to evaporate and you will come forth on solid ground and find the success that I have ordained for you to walk in.

This is not a time to walk in timidity. I say to you what the elders said to Joshua “be strong O My beloved and have good courage!” Meditate in My word day and night – even under your breath muttering My promise and My precepts. For My promise and My precepts are your vanguard in this hour. I am drawing you with the cords as of a man that I might bring you into that “come up higher place” where everything you put your hand to prospers and everything you say and do becomes as effective as if I said it or did it. This is your entitlement says the Father. This is the entitlement of sons and the entitlement of daughters who have been called by My name, who have been given power to “become”. I call you into My “becoming season” says the Father. As you respond so shall the transaction of heaven shift your life’s experience and your days will be measured by the template of heaven come to earth in every area of your life.

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