Pagosa-Matt-Lord-03The Father says today that I will recompense My Son in the earth even in YOUR EARTH says the Father. I will see to it by My eternal and inexorable purpose that the Cross will pay its dividends into your life as healing, provision and salvation to the full. I will not short change or rob My own Son by failing to manifest My faithfulness IN FULL in your behalf for HIS SAKE. So look up says the Father for there is nothing to earn or to acquire for My Son made FULL ACQUISITION for you on the tree of every promise and every provision.

Let your confidence and your assurance today be upon the shed blood of Calvary says the Father. The blood of My son is not anemic to save. The efficacy of the blood of Christ does not need to be augmented by your good works or religious striving. There IS power in the blood after all says the Father. Power to heal. Power to save. Power to turn even the hardest hearts and most difficult situations to your favor and blessing.

So REST TODAY in the efficacy of the blood of the Only Begotten says the Father. Set aside all religious striving and moralizing for all such foolishness is vanity and bondage. I have not bound you to obey but rather I have released you to fulfill. I call you Mine and I will produce in you My Character and provide to you every dividend that the cross affords to put you over and bring you to the complete fulfillment of My destiny in your life.

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  • john bavido says:

    O’ the blood of Jesus( Yeshua). Thank you once again Russ & Kitty for daring to share our inheritance in the precious blood of the lamb. Moreover, its an established covenant of power, forgiveness of sin without guilt, healing, provision and our ressurection from the dead. We have the a true hope of life, intimate life with our savior and one another here as well as there.

  • Pastor Caprice Griggs says:

    Good mornin prophets….. I tried to click on the personal prophecy request but was unable to chick in. My husband & I are pastors in Phila., Pa really struggling really in need of our own church building as well as church growth. Financially being challenged as well. I have been reading ur refreshing prophetic words that are so encouraging. Just would like a personal word of direction for myself as well as the ministry. Thank u Pastor Caprice Griggs – God’s Word of Truth Ministries Church. Phila., Pa

  • THE PEARL says:


  • nicky says:


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