Russ-and-Kitty-2013ax300The Father says today that I am a God of gardens. I placed you in your life just as I placed Adam in Eden. I gave Adam authority and dominion to tend and keep the garden. This is that same authority that I have given you in your own life. You are not a hapless victim subject to the whim of circumstance. You are a tender and a keeper of your own life says the Father. I have given you dominion over the processes and purposes of life. Take your place and take your dominion.

When you hear the serpent whisper in your garden don’t pause to reflect or ask him to repeat himself. Take authority over the encroachment of the enemy and cast him out. The angels with the flaming swords in your life are there to back you up in every confrontation. In Adam’s day the angels were not assigned to wait for Adam’s first mistake and then eject him. They were there for his good likewise there are angels assigned for your good to assist and support you in every endeavor.

When I came to earth and took on the form of man I did not use some secret power that isn’t available to you. I actually limited Myself to only those privileges and powers that I came to make available in your own life. You have mountain moving authority. You have dominion to cast out devils and heal the sick and still the waves. Speak to the storm in your life and the storm in your life will obey you as it obeyed Me. You have asked Me to do something about the situation but I have done already on the cross all I am going to do. Take your authority. Take your dominion and see the victory that results.

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  • Yes amen! In the Book of Exodus when the Israelites reached the Red Sea, Moses cried out to God. God answered, “why are you crying out to me? YOU tell the people to go forward!” Ex 14:15

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