The Father says today that I haven’t called you to give your body to be burned or to lay down some extraordinary sacrifice beyond that which you are able. The full scope of My expectations upon you day to day is comprehended in this:

Allow My AGAPE nature to flow out of you to others.

Love others when they don’t deserve it.


Determine in your heart even with the most difficult people that you are going to love them and there is nothing they can do about it!

Love heartily. Love lavishly. Love with abandon. Love decadently. Love until you scandalize those around you who refuse to love. Let love be the scandal that ruins your reputation with the Pharisees and Sadducees who know nothing of My love.

Love unconditionally. Allow My love to ruin you. Go out today and determine to demonstrate My fondness even for the most recalcitrant and difficult people in your life. Let My love put the laughter back in your belly. Love freely and experience the freedom of loving and enjoy the incredulous looks of those who so desperately need a fresh baptism of love in their lives.

I require only ONE thing of you says the Father. I’m not interested in the rules, regulations or religious standards of those who think they are the guardians of My reputation. I only call you to love. My love will produce in you every necessary thing that I could ever hope for in your life and character.

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  • Judy Lester says:

    When I was working as RN, I had a LPN that was so mean/ugly you could hardly even give her report for next shift , one I had made assigments /I gave her one patient,gave ,she said why only one, cause I need you to help me ,it has been crazy all day, I have not even had lunch…..Here a dollar,warm this shrimp/oyster poor boy/get us a drink/you/me are sit/eat…….I had tried for years to be nice to her, but she was cold/bitter,this also how she treated the other nurses on unit…….fee months later,she gave me a card… said, I want to thank you for loving me when I was so mean/ugly to you.You loved me no matter what I did /need that love …..she went on to tell me,years ago when she first became a nurse,my brother asked me to co sign the note.I did,After a while he quit paying/I had to pay his bill/mine.I have been so bitter about it,it changed me…..I am sorry /I thank you for loving me …..I saw a complete change in her attitude,way she talked to people/treated them……sometime we don’t know what happened to make people act the way they do…..but God knows/we as His Children reflect//carry His atributes /we release them as He allows us to reach out to a hurting world…….She was totally set free.

  • NEO says:

    Thank you Father for your word! Father, Please help me to love, to stay in love and walk in love, no matter what! I am grateful for this message and receive it in Jesus name! Amen!!

  • Tricia Denny says:

    With many thanks and love for you both!

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