Is Prophetic Counseling For You? Read this Powerful Feedback:

We love to share feedback from individuals who have been impacted by the power of the prophetic!

One of the ministries our teams do at Father’s Heart Ministry is Prophetic Counseling. Prophetic counseling is an in depth prophetic experience. These sessions are conducted over the phone and you can schedule from our online calendar at your convenience.

On one of our feedback forums recently, a business woman (Shelby W.) gave a very powerful testimony of the impact prophetic counseling has had in her life. It is worth sharing, and after reading this you will want to know more so just click on the links provided after Shelby’s awesome testimony:

From Shelby W:

I would like to personally recommend “Prophetic Counseling” to anyone who feels stuck in life; and if the truth be told, we have probably all been in this place at least once in our lives (no condemnation meant here at all). 🙂

I used to think that God was just gonna dump it all out for me and just make it all happen for me and I didn’t really have a part to play in the whole scheme of things. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Yes he could do that if he wanted, but I have (in the past) spent too much time just waiting for things to happen & I believe God was just waiting on me. As pastor Russ teaches (basically) we are responsible to walk into our promised land. We have a part to play in it. What part is that ? We must cooperate with the Lord and take steps of faith to bring about the wonderful plans of God for our lives. Remember; faith without works is dead.

Now you may say; “Well how do I do this” Soooooooooooooooooo glad you asked! The answer is: “PROPHETIC COUNSELING”. Prophetic counseling is like the wisdom to apply the knowledge (the prophetic word). I did not even know that there was any such thing as “Prophetic Counseling” until about 2 years ago. 🙁 LOL!

It is some of the most important money you will spend. It is literally an investment into your future.

And when you get your word from the Lord; Father’s Heart Ministry will send you an e-mail with the prophetic word attached to it so you can keep the word and listen to it over and over again. so——

You can fight the good fight of faith with your word; please see (1 Timothy 1:18) .
Listen to it over and over again & get it into your spirit.
Agree with the word (speak it out loud ).
Used to; I had no idea what people meant when they would say to “pray into the prophetic word” – just take the necessary steps of faith contained in the “Prophetic Counseling Session”.

That’s it!

Please believe me; I am not trying to be a know it all, at all. I just know what has worked and not worked for me in my life. Many of y’all already know what I am talking about; but some do not . I am just trying to help those who (like me for many years) just didn’t have the correct teaching about these things.

If you are serious about getting into the true will of God for your life, please try the prophetic counseling. 🙂 Since I have done the prophetic counseling God has confirmed his spoken word (from Prophet Russ Walden) over and over and over again! 🙂

My life now is exciting as I walk this all out; and almost on a daily basis see the prophetic word (from Prophet Russ) unfolding right in front of me !

Prophetic Counseling will change your life (for the better). 🙂 It is the missing key ( to the prophetic) that will unlock the words of prophecy in your life. 🙂 Jesus is Lord.

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Notice: Prophetic counseling is spiritual ministry in particular and does not take the place of legal counsel, medical care or consultation with a healthcare professional or other qualified counselors. We reserve the right to respond to each request at our discretion. Prophetic words, prayers or counseling are entirely of a RELIGIOUS NATURE and no substitute for professional, medical or legal advice. Any response from us is gifted to you as an intangible religious benefit in appreciation for your donation. We do not sell or exchange these services for remuneration.

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