Woman-feeling-hurtHAVE YOU BEEN “CHURCH HURT”? We are contacted regularly by people who have been maligned, wounded and mistreated by pastors and church leadership. Recently a minister in a large church contacted us for counsel about a very hurtful situation where they were handled harshly and hypocritically by a pastoral team who were overlooking their own personal situations in so doing. The answer we gave this leader will no doubt help you as well:

“Hello (Name Withheld) … this is a very important issue for you to address… what happened is you were JUDGED wrongly and hypocritically since there was a leader with the same problem who they didn’t deal with. Your accuser obviously has other problems with you and is not walking in love because if he was “love covereth” and he delighted to expose you and to rob you of promotion. He is also in fear as well as contempt toward you because he never brought it up or was honest with you. So you have been maligned and judged and mistreated … as a RESULT you are having trouble getting past it – because they judged you therefore you are being strongly tempted to judge them back. IF you don’t FORGIVE, RELEASE AND BLESS you will become just like those who mistreated you. The abused becomes the abuser. Do you really want to get past this? Then every day, many times a day until relief comes say I FORGIVE _______ RELEASE ________ AND BLESS ____________.

And NAME them from the pastor to the accusing elder. The reasons they give are just hypocritical excuses and you know it and they know it. Don’t allow them to gloss over and pretend nothing is different because they only do so not because they respect you but because you are a RESOURCE to them to make their jobs easier. But you still must FORGIVE, RELEASE and BLESS or you are condemned to become just like them and you will do to others what they have done to you….

Having forgiven and reinforced it till the emotions of resentment are replaced with peace NOW you have to ask yourself WHAT are you doing in that church? Honestly – as is the root so is the fruit. Why would you continue to be a part of a church with compromised leadership indulging in nepotism and simony? Convenience? Resistance to change? You have no right to leave the church for resentment’s sake for then you would wind up in a worse place but having forgiven you must now listen to God and go where he sends you – or if you stay then you are to CONFRONT and CHALLENGE the leadership OPENLY to correct their errors which takes a lot of courage and willingness to ROCK the boat – which may not even be what God wants you to do in the first place. You have to get it from God. Our prayers are with you – God bless! (to learn more or receive personal ministry and counsel visit http://www.propheticnow.com).

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