DSC04904The Father says today My child welcome to your now. I have crafted and created this space called NOW to be the container of all your hopes and dreams and expectations. In this NOW is the spontaneous fulfillment of every heaven-born desire planted by My hand in your heart. Now is a toxic environment for doubt, fear and unbelief because NOW is a component part of your salvation even as I said in My word.

Now is the eighth day on My calendar week. Now is the day of your salvation. Enter into your now TODAY says the Father. Revel in your now. Luxuriate in the NOW that I have prepared for you. There is JOY in this now and there is PEACE. I accord you in this NOW the peace of one whose warfare is ended for I have expelled every adversary from the ecosystem of My grace that surrounds you NOW.

Can you take NOW for and answer My son, My daughter? Yesterday is a dubious figment of what might have been. Tomorrow is yet to be crafted. Now is the setting in which I have placed the jewel of every promise I have ever made to you. Set your hopes on this now that surrounds and embraces you and allow it to flow into you like water on a parched tongue. I will not deny you. There is no delay in My NOW says the Father. So go out this day and greet the now that awaits you – prepared by My hand to express My unconditional and unreserved love for you as My entitled and privileged scion of all My kingdom’s treasure.

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  • Bridgette NOW! says:

    Lord I decree, declare, receive, and believe in yout NOW! I trust you for all promises
    made to me NOW! I expect all prophetic word spoken over my life that were genuinely from you
    NOW! I request all my inheritance from you NOW!

    Please release my BLESSINGS NOW! Not tomorrow, not later, not next year, but this year I
    humbly request it ALL NOW! In Jesus matchless and holy name Amen!


  • Quinneisha Hood says:

    Praise be to them lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who is our beginning and end.

  • THE PEARL says:


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