DSC05089The Father says today that I am the kindling of the candle of your spirit man today. Even as I said in My word your human spirit is the candle by which I search out all the inmost parts of your inner man and your inner life. That which I illuminate within you is not an exposure of human frailty or sin for the blood covers all within you that offends My holiness. Remember says the Father that I am the God that dwells in thick darkness even as the prophets of old testified. I am guiding you and shining the lamp of My Very Presence within you that You might see in truth and in reality that I dwell only in the recesses of the human heart.

See this indwelling says the Father. See the indwelling of My Person within you and know it as your most essential truth. So no more eyes squeezed tightly shut says the Father. Do not fear what I will show and disclose to you within. Look deeply into that most vulnerable place within where no fig leaf religion can cover and you will see Me smiling back at you as a loving and forgiving benefactor. I am not angry with you says the Father and I am not disappointed in you on a single score. I am indwelling you and changing you into My nature and character and perfect nature. Yield to the change says the Father. Cooperate with the transformation that I am bringing to you even now and I will give you rest.

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  • Glenda says:

    Please me know, when your coming back to Chicago. A few of my sisters in Christ were at your service. I wasnt were of them, having contact your ministry. Oraise God rhe report of the awesome teaching and enlightenment was awesome BLESSINGS.

  • Bridgette says:

    Lord Jesus, I humbly ask of you to assist me this day and onward to my yielding to the change
    cooperating with your transformation, that yo are bringing to me even now in exchange for
    your peaceful and sweet REST ! ! ! !

    AMEN, Your Child:-)

  • tiffany says:

    Whoa! My spirit man attests to this!!! So glad I found this website. I cover you with prayer!:))

  • carole says:

    Once again god has spoke to me,tonight i wil sleep,I no now I am loved n god is doing a New work in me.thankyou my friend you Are truly a man of god.many blessing.

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