DSC05588The Father says today I will this day cause you to see the day-star dawning that is arising in your heart. I am bringing about My appearing within you and upon you. You see says the Father I will come IN My saints before I come for My saints. I will be glorified and admired in the earth.

As the world ripens for judgment you are ascending in My mercy to be an instrument and arbiter of that same mercy to others. I am transforming your mind, and your spirit and your body. I am visiting upon you the redemption of the purchased possession that your mortality might be swallowed up of life. Let the life that I impart to you this day become the impartation that you release to all around you even those who you might count as undeserving and unworthy.

Love without reservation says the Father. Love lavishly and with total abandon even as I have loved you so let your love mature and be released unconditionally to all in your view this day. As you walk in love you are walking in the unbendable and unyielding success for My love never fails. Why would you step out of love? A step out of love is a step into decay and lack and denial. Remain in My love. Abide in My love.

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  • olden says:

    Amen!! So awesome!!

  • Gordon says:

    I just want to say to you Russ and Kitty, that you are like a John the Baptist to me, making a way in the wilderness for me and much like the daily manner that God provided in the time of Moses, I do believe you are both regarded highly in heaven. You do not need my praise, for I believe you have the praise of heaven. But I thank you also, really. Gods words are the words of life. The Father is being a Shepherd to me through you.

  • Bridgette says:

    Amen! Amen! and Amen Jesus! Father please help me to LOVE unconditionally. I need your
    guidance and strength to do this. The Agape love of Christ is my heart’s desire.


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