dpwThe Father says today, that this is a freeing time for you. There have been many things that have held you back and held you in intimidation My beloved, but truly this is a time I am coming in, and I am doing the work inside of you that is going to cause great freedom and great boldness to arise up in you. You have felt My Spirit move on the inside of you but sometimes people have tried to stomp on your zeal and tried to override you. They claimed that they knew better than you and that they knew what was best. I say unto you beloved, truly I know what is best, and you do hear my voice. The wisdom that you carry inside of you is of me, so do not doubt yourself any more. Do not doubt yourself hearing me. Do not doubt the wisdom I have given you.

The Father says to you and declares to you that this is the day and the hour I want you to go the way that I tell you to go. When others around you are going to say you must go one way or the other way – you be a Father pleaser and set out in the direction I gave you, even if others do not understand. Truly I have given you the gift inside of you to receive My greatness and receive the ministry calling that I have for you. You have desired to go to the nations and preach to the people. God says that I am starting you even in a larger sphere of influence, and it’s going to build and build and build. There will even be people you reach that you do not even know that you are reaching. My word in your mouth will reach and have authority as it travels through people groups, people groups and people groups. I will make full proof of the mantle I have released upon your shoulders this day, and your destined place of service and effective ministry portion, will be proven and established!

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  • Gabriel Udensi says:

    So be it unto me [ Gabriel ] according to the Eternal Word of God, in Jesus Name; Amen!

  • Judith Elisma says:

    Hello, my name is Apostle Judith I am replying to a prophetic word received from Dawson Stoll today, I was asking God for a word when I received the prophetic word from him, not only it was on time, but it was also on point to the minute details, it encouraged me to keep trusting my Lord for the things He is currently doing in my life and for what to come, it lifted my spirit up, and reminded me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.. It couldn’t be clearer than that. I want to thank and encourage him to hear more from God, let the river of living water that is inside of you be touched and felt by everyone in contact with you, let the grace of God continue to overshadow you as you searching God. I thank you and appreciate you taking your time to minister to me I am forever grateful. Stay blessed.

  • Here I am lord.use me as your vessel.

  • Elaine says:

    Just about Every time I ask the Lord a question…..you answer it in a word from the Father… thank You Jesus!!

  • Anne Nyaga says:

    Thanks be to God.

  • Beaute says:

    I believe and I receive it.

  • Abigail says:

    Thank you for this word. It is truly a confirmation of my desire and of words that I’ve received from prophetic people. God bless.

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