DSC05914The Father says today that I am your stability and your refuge. This is a day to hold everything loosely and despair not when you see the trappings of affluence and security that others stake their future on become threatened. I have lifted over you a firmament of blessing and stability that originates in My kingdom and not in the treasuries of man. There is a difference between control and authority says the Father. When others fear and become angry and frustrated they resort to control. They prattle and threaten and lie and cheat but I will bring all their machinates and schemes to nothing.

Do not fear loss says the Father. No man can take from you what I have given you. I am your peace and I am your joy and your rock in times of difficulty. Put your affection upon Me and your expectation on Me for I am coming through for you this day. This is not a day of grieving over the insubstantial substance of man’s false securities. This is the day of rejoicing and wrapping your arms as a child around My sinews and strength and by My arm I will lift you out of harms way and your laughter shall ring in the heavens because of the exuberance and joy of being so well loved and care for by your Heavenly Father.

What Others are Saying:

This is very wonderful prophesy. It is touches the reality of my life and I believe God will fulfill what he promised me and opens his supernatural resources from unknown treasurer. Amen

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  • Geri Mee says:

    Thank you for the continuous injection of faith & restoration. Your wonderful timely prophesies put. Life in perspective & I stills real hope in my life. Thank you both.
    Lots of love,
    Geri Mee

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