Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today that relationship estrangements are coming to an end. Make the first move. Love freely. Lavish your love on the angry and the bitter. Pour out your kindness upon those who refuse to let the past be the past. Forgive. Release, Bless. I will show up in the situation says the Father. I am kneading their hearts with the My hands even now. Allow My mind and My heart to be your mind and your heart in this season. It is time to break the bars of iron and the gates of brass that others have surrounded you with in their cruelty and pettiness.

It is a new day today says the Father. A day of ascension. Humility. Love. Kindness. Gentleness. This is your arsenal of breakthrough. The seeds will be sown. The tender shoots will be watered. The blossom, bud and fruit will come forth and you will bring redemptive breakthrough even to generations to come for there the contamination of lovelessness is being broken and you are the first fruits of that new day and new time. Be strong. Be of a good courage. Make the first move, expecting nothing. Let your testimony be “I love you no strings attached”. Let your resolve be “I’m going to love you and there is nothing you can do about it”. Love never fails Beloved. Never step out of love. Move toward them in love and see love’s dividend manifest in healing, restoration and liberty.

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  • Funny thing is today I am going to my dad’s house for thanksgiving dinner, and my relationship with that side of the family has been strained for 30+ years. I have been striving for reconciliation for many many years and have been met with the resistance of bitterness. This word spoke to me right where I am as your words so often do. Thank you!

  • glorygirl says:

    This is what I needed to hear today. Thank you Father!

  • Karissa Etheridge says:

    Wow, very confirming. Yesterday seemed to be all about the love message, what love looks like and how it’s not selfish. Now today, this word drives it all home. Blessings!

  • Faith Evans says:

    I read this message just before I went to bed last night (I’d been ill in bed ill all day so I hadn’t read it first thing in the morning like I normally do). This word really spoke to me and I thought about my next door neighbours whom I’d had an argument with a couple of weeks ago (they’ve been arguing most nights for the past 8 months, keeping me awake until around 4 a.m.). I lost my temper with them a couple of weeks ago for keeping me up one night and then their car wouldn’t start at 7 a.m. and they had a row in the street, waking up the neighbourhood. So I went to bed with these words in my ears. At 4.48 a.m. I heard voices shouting in the street outside my window – it was my neighbours coming home drunk – they had lost their house keys and were trying to batter their front door down with a breezeblock from the front garden. Without hesitation I opened my bedroom window and asked them if they would like to come in for a warm and a coffee and I would call a locksmith to gain entry to their house. They were so taken aback! They came in and I looked after them and they spent the night on my sofas, and I’d bathed the woman because she had been in a fight and her knees and legs were bleeding and scratched, so I put antiseptic cream on and bandaged her legs up, and then made her a drink and put her to sleep. This morning after breakfast I drove them back to the party they had been at last night, just to see if her handbag was there – which it was – so now they were able to gain access to their home. They were so grateful and they both apologized for disturbing my sleep for the last 8 months. They saw my Bibles and study books on the coffee table and my prayer shawl and asked which church I went to. I said I didn’t belong to any church but I belonged to God and explained that I am not religious but I have a “relationship”! I think this blew them away! All praise to the Lord for giving this word to Russell. We must be doers of the word and not hearers only. Praise the Lord for my restored relationship with my next door neighbours! (Will try not to lose my temper in future, with the Lord’s help!) xx

  • I just don’t know what too say, just this past week the Lord told me to go to two people i know and take them a gift and tell them. That I love them with the love og God. It just reminded me He always confirms his word hallelujah!

  • Thank you Fàther it’s exactly the message I need right now. Love never fails.

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