Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today that I am a debt cancelling God. Just as you have received the double for your sins I will cover even financial mistakes you have made and areas where you now realize you should have used more wisdom. You have heard it said that I will not help My children out of troubles that they get themselves into through bad choices. This is a lie. You cannot earn My love or My providence. I move in your life through unconditional mercy and that mercy is renewed every morning. I love you because I love you and I will never stop loving you. Love never fails and as you move into My love and receive My love you enter the fail-safe territory of My unconditional favor.

I am not a capricious God neither am I a petty God who delights in tormenting you over your errors and sins. Forgive yourself for I have forgiven you. Receive by faith the rolling back of the situation and circumstance and do not allow yourself to be ensnared again with the yoke of bondage. I know this is not what you have heard taught but make it your choice to be a Father-pleaser and reject the illegitimate authority of religious condemnation. I love you says the Father with a boundless love without restriction or condition. Allow Me to guard you and guide you and lead you to a new place and a new beginning where the mistakes of the past will no longer rob you and the lessons learned will give you new hope and new possibility.

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