Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.21.45 AMThe Father says today that opinions are toxic to faith. Opinions arise from rationale and sense knowledge. Faith flows from intuition and revelation knowledge through My word and My voice that is resonant on the inside of you. Make a choice today not to dabble in opinion but trust in My heart that flows down to you through the oil of My Spirit to refresh and renew and guide you in all things. Do not stumble says the Father. Bend your ear low to hear My voice in the silence between your own thoughts. There is no misdirection that can originate in that dwelling place within you where I take up My habitation.

Break the bars and locked gates of opinions. Challenge your opinions with the objective truths of My word and the righteous judgments of My throne. I have adjudicated you and found you just as if you had never transgressed. Receive the cleansing says the Father and wash yourself therefore in the potential of one to whom all things are possible because you choose to hearken to My voice and not the limiting thoughts of your own sense ruled mind or the judgments of others who never looked at you in the light of redemption. This is your day of freedom and authorization to be full of joy, full of power and full of witness for I will never leave you, nor forsake you nor allow anyone or anything to harm you in any way says your Father!

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  • I believe & received #Thanks Amen

  • Dysheana Sanders says:

    Wow this is so sweet to me at this very moment. I realize just how precious I am to Abba

  • Marcel says:

    What a timely, beautiful word. Thanks and blessings!

  • Ann says:

    I was reading this and got to the first line and suddenly had what I describe as a brief glimpse into heaven. I was shown a room and it was overflowing in piles of white linen. And I asked what is this? These are white garments, they appeared to be alive with,the Blood and the Spirit.And I was told, have you not read that there will be a multitude rising up wearing white garments standing before the throne. (Rev.7:9) And I said, I will take mine now. And I heard, if you could see yourself in the Spirit you will see that you already wear it. (The robes of righteousness) . But this which you see are those which have been rejected and those that are yet to be received. For a full provision of righteousness has been made available to ALL ,but not all will receive them but those who will it will “cover”.

  • Cameron Mazurak says:

    The Daily Prophetic Word continues to be a daily weapon to help me follow the LORD and to confirm His leading in My heart and in my life. Three days ago the LORD stirred hope in me about the cancellation of our debt. Two days ago I pursued Him in it and began to receive hope. Yesterday the Daily Prophetic Word began with: “I Am a debt canceling God..” This is not the first time this type of confirmation has happened and it won’t be the last. Thank You Russ and Kitty and Father’s Heart Ministry for your faithful and loving service to the saints. It is truly making a positive difference in my life!

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