DSC05890The Father says today that your future is a invention of My craftsmanship. I am the potter and you are the clay says the Father and you can trust the design that I determined for your life before the foundations of the world was laid. When I created Adam in the beginning I breathed into him of My substance and My breath. That breath resided in Adam for centuries and that breath was passed down to you this very day. The life and blessing that sin denied is restored and activated in you by the ransom of the cross.

Therefore know this says the Father that the raw materials from which I prepared your destiny were not made from earthly objects or from any resource that was under the curse or in the fall. I did not create you for suffering or depredation or privation. The theme of My strategy for you was not less-than but rather MORE-THAN-YOU-CAN-ASK-OR-THINK. Receive the largess of My approbation today. Know that I have destined you for fullness and not leanness. My plan for you is empowerment and not impoverishment. Rejoice says the Father. Rejoice and be glad for it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom this very day.

What Others are Saying:

I want to thank God first of all for sending you and your wife here to be a vessel to deliver His word and love on His’s people I hank you and your wife for such a encouraging word from the Lord and how true the Word was. I thank the Father that the Spirit of Truth works through you!

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  • Bridgette says:

    I Decree and Declare your word . . . .


    THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER…THINE WILL BE DONE in our lives as it is in heaven. THY KINGDOM COME! BE UNTO US LORD ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD!! Thank you for my brother and sister, Pastor and Prophet Russ and Kitty; they are a bright and shining light dispelling the darkness and bringing forth mightily AND BOLDLY, THE LIGHT OF YOUR PRESENCE, POWER AND WILL IN OUR LIVES. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I pray your holy warring angels will forever be by our side to do battle for us as we RULE AND REIGN ALONE SIDE OF THESE PRECIOUS VESSELS…..IN JESUS’ STRONG, ANOINTED AND POWERFUL NAME…Amen and amen!!!

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