Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.56.08 PMThe Father says today you are not an accident of nature. The purpose I supply you with in life is your highest destiny. There are no trivial roles in My kingdom says the Father. There are no menial tasks. I am stationing you at the core of My purposes and I am not willing to move forward without you. It is the time and season to ENGAGE with My purposes and toALIGN yourself with Me.

Alignment with mere men only results in dissipation and loss unless you are first walking in step with Me. Are you ready to go it alone? You said you wanted to be on the cutting edge. You said you wanted to blaze the trail. Trail blazers and those with the breaker anointing often lead solitary campaigns against insurmountable odds.

No guts no glory says the Father. You know Me. I say again YOU KNOW ME! Now go forth and do the exploits I have pre-ordained you to accomplish. The greatest heartbreak is the heartbreak of the careful failure who looks back on what “could have been” had they only dared. Be daring says the Father. Go out and do something dangerous to the domain of darkness. Make the adversary set his alarm clock an hour early because YOU HAVE AT LAST taken up theMANTLE of DESTINY that portends the end of the tyranny of the mundane in your life!

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  • nic says:

    Amen praise the Lord

  • Ana B. says:

    Prophet thank you so much. Yesterday the Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Father through His Spirit tool me through the Bible and showed me how He chose His prophet and gave them harsh difficult messages for people and nations. And how He has chosen me to do the same and He said I am protecting you and yours. Your enemies will be my enemies, my hand is upon your lives. It’s not easy but I have to obey and throught the prophetic word He confirmed it once more. I thank Him for you and your ministry. I have you and Kitty in my daily prayers. Please keep me in prayer for His strength, guidance, wisdom and discerment. Thank you so much and God bless you. In Christ Jesus. Ana B.

  • June says:

    A today word for me from a yesterday. Feel God in all of them as I recently discovered your website. Thanks

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