DSC06339The Father says today be lifted up! Be lifted up you EVERLASTING GATE for the KING OF GLORY is coming in – I am the king of the glory on the inside of you says the Father and it is My intent to put your foot in the neck of your enemy. You have been lied to and you have been betrayed. You have been set at naught and overlooked. You have been criticized and you have been marginalized. I am about to bring you to center stage in a powerful move of My spirit that will redefine for those around you what GLORY and POWER in the things of God. Open your mouth wide and I will fill it! I will make you My battle axe and My weapon of war. I will send you into the fray and into the battle and you will come back with the spoil and bring captivity captive. You will dismantle illegitimate authority and release the captives says the Father for that is your mandate and your assignment and I will be so disposed as to back you up. Your whole life will be transformed by your obedience to the task that I set before you this day.

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  • Don Selby says:

    Wow! PRAISE GOD.I believe & receive by faith every single word written today MAY 17,2014 by Prophet Russ as coming from THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD.AMEN!!!!

  • Marie says:

    These messages are so true for me, that I find them divine. Sometimes the exact words I say in my prayers come up here. It is as if God is using them to respond to me. I have to thank you. I can not spend a day without meditating on these. Bless you!!!

  • Dysheana Sanders says:

    YES and AMEN!!!! GREAT WORD INDEED!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katey says:

    for inspiring word . love this be love this page 🙂 thank you both for your time be your gift that help many off US.

  • ellery says:

    the word I received was timely and confirmed what God has been telling us. Thank you so much for submitting to the Holy Spirit!

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