DSC07221The Father says today that I will not share My glory with anyone or anything in your life. There are those who credit themselves with your successes and they dare to point the finger at your failures. I am God in your success and I am God in your failure. Your accountability is to me not some illegitimate authority.

I am the Author and the Finisher says the Father. I am authoring in you and I am finishing in you. I am God in the beginning and I am God in the middle of the thing and God in the end of the matter. Trust me for the process says the Father. Give me your naked trust for I will never fail or disappoint you.

What Others are Saying:

Thank you Prophet Russ for this timely message on time. How we manage the time God gives us are so important. We certainly need Godly wisdom and provision to fulfill his divine plan for our lives. I thank our heavenly Father for using you and Kitty as anointed vessels to lead us and guide us into the direction he has for our lives in Jesus’ name…amen.

Guest Prophetic Word from Lisa Branecky:

The Father says today that I will make all things new for you. Let the eyes of faith that have been sharpened and strengthened by adversity see and behold the coming forth of the plans for you that I have had from the beginning. You see, I loved you before I formed you formed you in the womb. Even then, I placed special seeds within you that will bloom in due season. Much like the world’s most beautiful and brilliant flowers are found in the desert, so shall your beauty go from dormancy to rapid and vibrant flowering on Earth to proclaim my glory.

The seeds lay dormant until the first drops of rain. I am the Living water and you must seek me at the deep place to find the water you need. I long for and am calling you to come into an intimacy with me you have not known or experienced. There, I will pour out my spirit on you, drenching you with living waters. The dry, parched areas that you thought dead shall suddenly spring forth and bloom. In the same way that the desert flower is the most unique and brilliantly colored on Earth, so shall you be so that men will be drawn to me.

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  • Johanna says:

    I just said to my husband, “Our flowers looks beautiful”, and I just watered them, and just before I watered them… I thought of the time I planted the seeds… I thought… when I bought the seeds… Ah, 3 months to blooming stage… I can wait…knowing and expecting to see the results…just like other matters in my and our lives… and I will trust the Lord with the seeds to blossom eventually in time and alike I will trust the Lord in the same time as the flowers … to break through for me/us in other areas as well….and then…just before I went to water the plants, I saw our first sunflower that opened up and another and others ready to do so too…the Lord has been prompting me to spend more secluded private focused time in prayer…and I know this is the intimate place where He will meet with me in a deeper level and I trust for breakthroughs and blessings to come forth from this time in prayer with Him, daily too… praise the Lord God Most High! I am encouraged like to often each day when I read your messages. God bless you all.

  • Johanna says:

    Have I mentioned that our flowers are blossoming in a half cut steel drum… since we don’t have a garden but only pots and this steel drum… but we do trust the Lord that we’ll have a garden again! Praise God!

  • MARTHA says:

    AM,EN AMEN AMEN !!!!!

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ for opening the eyes of my understanding in regards to illegitimate authority. I never seen that in the light of truth until it was revealed today. I refuse to be used by those who use us for their personal worldly gain. As far as the bonus blessing I am thankful for the revelation of the watering of the Spirit. I have been there where I was clothed in the glory in that perfect realm of everything. Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in us will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ…Philippians 1:6.

  • Maxine Genus says:

    I love the two of you so,Its almost one year now since my Daddy send me on this web page.I just want to say thanks, and if we do not meet this time 0n the earth. we will meet when we return home. and one more thing I enjoy your pictures and look forward to new ones.

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