Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.29.40 PMThe Father says today this day is your invitation to Heaven’s extravagance. This day I have posted to the inbox of your human spirit the RSVP to come up higher into My environment and domain. There were no budget overruns when I built the heavens My beloved and money was no object. Set your standards higher – your life is bankrolled by the Economy of My Kingdom not the economy of man. What money cannot buy and natural wealth acquire I will pour out into your life with unrestrained benevolence.

I am not looking for a reason NOT to bless you. You don’t have to overcome My reluctant to act in your behalf because the cross is My eternal yes to every dream and every need and every provision. If I did not withhold heaven’s highest price to pay your sin-debt what lesser amount would I be reluctant to pay. I declare this day that I am at war with the poverty mentality of those who claim to know Me best but in fact understand Me least. Raise your expectations. Believe for BIG things and BETTER things than you have dreamed or thought of. I am standing and waiting in the rarified atmosphere beyond your highest hearts desire. Come to Me expecting for you will not be disappointed.

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  • lindiwe says:

    Amen this word is for me, I’ve been stressing over finances not knowing how I’m going to pay my bills. Thank you Father for this word.

  • Marcel says:

    Such astonishing timing for these words from our gracious heavenly Father. Thank you … blessings!!!

  • Kim says:

    Praise God! As I was reading and listening to older posts and a personal prophecy that was iven to me by my prophet Russ Walden I was in awe! The Father spoke to you about my past religious experiences that negatively effected my walk and hearing The Lord. It was ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! It brought me so much joy amd release to know that what I was experiencing and hearing was correct. Those words helped me to lean more into The Father and learn to just be still and know that He does speak through His prophets today and Russell and Kitty Walden are my prophets! Since then I received another word from The Father through the prophets. It has not come to pass as of yet but it encouraged me greatly and caused me to change some things in my walk. The daily word is amazing! Almost daily it is very close to what I have heard or sensed in my spirit. I thank God for you and pray continously for you and your ministry!!

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