Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 7.01.28 AMThe Father says today it is not good to be alone therefore you will not be alone. I created you for companionship and your first fidelity will be found in intimacy with Me. As you seek out My Deep that calls to your deep I will come to you and make Myself known to you. I will show you great and mighty things that you know not. I will reveal things, even the hidden things that eye has not seen and ear has not heard. I will bring you behind the lattice of natural perspectives and acquaint you with mysteries from the archives of heaven.

Grieve not over relationship estrangements and broken fellowship. Have I not said that I came not to bring peace but a sword? That a man’s foes would be those of their own household? So think it not strange that those nearest in relationship to you at times will separate themselves from your company. When I walked the earth My own kinsmen came to take Me away for they thought I was mad, and beside Myself. Purpose to be a Father-pleasure even as I only did what I saw My Father do, go and do likewise.

Nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass. My ongoing purpose in your life is to set the solitary in families. There will be a day that I will put you in the company of an intimate circle whose heart’s cry will be “I will never leave you, I will never forsake you.” Trust Me, for that day will surely come and in the meantime rejoice for as they mistreated Me so they have mistreated you. Receive My comfort this day therefore and be at peace.

What Others are Saying:

I received my personal prophecy today and when I was listening to it I felt the presence of God and I knew that it is from the Lord , so I cannot wait for what will happen from now and will keep you updated.

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  • kate248 says:

    My oh my this is a very good word! As I was reading this it occurred to me that I was alone and may suddenly be that way due to having spoken up for the character of God. Someone I know defamed God’s Character and so I just could not sit idly by without saying something. It grieved me what I heard for I knew it was a lie from the pit of hell, and so all I can do now is pray for them to actually know the truth about God’s character, knowledge and love for them and each one of us. This word has clarified to me what is actually going on in my life and that is encouraging to me, thank you for this word you gave!

  • Beth says:

    This is the word of the Lord for me today, absolutely. Spot on. THANK YOU. For this and for all of the other words, as well as the personal prophecy which fills me with anticipation regarding its fulfillment.

  • Linda Marcum says:

    today’s prophetic word truly spoke to me about my family. I wonder why I can’t have a normal family relationship.
    and everybody around me judges me and blames me. they have children who takes care of them and enjoys their company. it makes you feel like it is all your fault. but I know it isn’t. but this prophecy speaks to me in real time and comfort’s me. thank you, LORD FOR SPEAKING TO ME TODAY ABOUT THIS.

  • Bridgette says:

    Dear Lord, I receive, believe, decree, and declare this prophetic word. I have been rejected
    and singled out by family for basically all my life, right up to today’s date. They said “she is
    not our father’s child!” “she is not our sister, she in nothing to us!”

    Lord, just you were treated so am I now being treated. Jesus, with all MY HEART, I trust you to bless me as you say here in your word with an intimate caring circle. I thank you though for my
    Husband and 2 children that you have BLESSED me with.

    Even my inheritance entitlement, the enemy is trying to not allow me to have it. Again, it is only
    for the chosen few. Lord bless me, keep me, I trust you my Lord to shut their mouths, and save their souls, save me and my family in Jesus name AMEN! Thank you Lord for this blessing in form of a word today.

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