DSC07249The Father says today it is time to have a blatant disregard for popular opinion and simply listen to my voice. I’m calling you into a season of life to be a serious Father pleaser to the exclusion of all else. Be a Father pleaser says the Lord because I haven’t called you to live your life in the context or in the confines of the good opinion of others. I know that isn’t what you’ve heard or what you’ve been taught. I say to you this day prove Me and see that I will lead you and transform you. I will synchronize your heart to My heart as you filter OUT the noisome pestilence of man’s thoughts and sequester yourself to the parameters of My mind instilled in you and working through you.

Before there will every be the reality of unity among men there must first come one-ness with My heart and My purposes. You will not find the deep that calls to deep in collaboration with the lateral, with those more connected to each other than they are to Me. You must come AWAY My beloved and in the intimacy behind the lattice I will cause you to know the BRIDAL truth that I am bringing into the earth and you will come out terrible as an army with banners and you will rout the enemy and take the spoil and fulfill My purposes that are sown like seed into your future. I’ve called you in the night seasons as the bridegroom sought His beloved, now hasten to Me and see my purposes brought to pass in a supernatural way for your benefit and the benefit of all around you.

What Others are Saying:

This message is so God speaking to me. Before I read the prophecy for January 1, 2014, I woke up in the middle of the night praising God and put on a worship CD that blessed my heart. Also, in this message were words that Kitty spoke to me in a personal prophetic message. I could never express how much I appreciate you Pastor Russ and Kitty for your guts to pursue, to overtake, to succeed in this very, very special ministry of love, hope, inspiration, guidance, power, peace, protection and much, much more. I trust God to always uphold this ministry and bless it and all concerned beyond our fondest dreams and above our highest expectations. You are truly blessed and all those connected to this awesome work of the Lord! Happy New Year!!

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  • Vivian Lott says:

    Getting back on track after five year fierce attack of the enemy(still suffering illness but still believing strong). I never allowed the enemy to pull me away from the Lord because my heart belongs to JESUS! Bless you in your ministry.

  • Fiona Auld says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for your faithfulness to God and His word. Your word for 1st Jan was very apt and very much a word in season for me. Today, just blew me away. I had been praying and today God answered. Thank you so much.

  • Geri Mee says:

    This is something Father God has been teaching me for a while, to heed His voice, obey it & whilst treating others with love & honour, not to concern myself with Man’s judgements, criticicisms or opinions. To keep my mouth shut when accused & open when Decreeing God’s word. My true desire is to hear my Fathers heart & for my heart beat to echo it! I declare I am a serious Daddy pleaser!!! Wow every word you write echoes within my spirit! God Bless you Daddy pleaders in Jesus Name xxxx

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