Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.00.03 AMThe Father says today that My blessing is more than just warm wishes and kind sentiments. My blessing returns you to that state before the fall where everything you say and do is effective as if I said it and did it. In the beginning I entitled mankind to subdue and have dominion. What was lost in the garden of Eden is restored in the garden of Gethsemane. I am implementing the full scope of that transaction in your life as you yield to Me. When I am fully Lord IN you then I will be fully Lord THROUGH YOU says the Father.

Helplessness is not your natural state says the Father. Powerlessness, bondage, weakness is not your portion this day. As you surrender inwardly you will conquer outwardly. Let your surrender to My Lordship be full and final, touching every area of your life. The wind of My Spirit is blowing in your life. As you find that place of yieldeness and surrender you will see even those immovable, intractable challenges blown away like the chaff. Relinquish the outcome and turn toward Me with all your heart and I will meet you and cleanse you and refine you into My image. It’s a new day says the Father, a day of blessing and entitlement as you surrender yourself fully to Me.

What Others are Saying:

Thank you I have received the daily prophetic word for quite a while. I am really astonished of how these words speak into my life. It is like the words are just to me. I live in Sweden and I didn´t know this kind of religion or life in God existed in America. Thanks.

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  • Drexel Green -Brown says:

    Every day you speak to my heart . Everything I’m thinking in my heart, God gives you the exact words before I even read what the father says. You are truly annointed of God. God bless You.

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