The Father says today, this day is the first day of a new maturity in your life. The increase of God, in order to find you and fund you, must be met by a willing and obedient heart. I am seeking those that are purposefully cultivating their faith, and endlessly giving themselves away in affection and love one for another. In that abandonment, the increase of God, My increase, will find you and fill your life with all My goodness. The hope that is in you is not merely the product of random, human desire. I have caused you to hope from your mother’s womb. That hope I encoded into your being at conception is the light that lights every man that comes into the world. It is not wrong to hope. It is not wrong to desire things to be different or better in your life. Embrace that hope. Feed the coals of hope with the embers of your faith. Continue to love and to give love out to others in the midst of that hope – for love is what causes faith’s expectation to be made manifest.

Make up your mind today not to be offended. The enemy knows that the most effective way to destroy your hope is to assault My love wherewith I have caused you to love others. Keep on loving. Withdraw from all temptation to become bitter or judgmental. Embrace the path of having no opinion. The opinions of men are laced with the bitter poison of judgmentalism and harshness. This is not what I have chosen for you. Get your eyes off man and keep them upon Me. Do not allow your mind to be contaminated with the faithless, loveless perspectives of those who have no light of the gospel in their lives. Lay hold of My word. Embrace My word and let it become the necessary food of your life daily. Internalize My word as the truth – the one basic truth that shapes what happens to you tomorrow. In so doing you will show yourself to be My beloved. In so doing you will embrace your own mercy and see the travail of your soul and be satisfied.

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