DSC08028The Father says today that I am the foundation in your life that cannot be overthrown. I am the foundation and I am also the capstone. When I am finished building Myself into you the angels will cry GRACE, GRACE into the architecture of Myself that I have established within you. Others look at you and refuse to validate what I am doing but look not at their faces and do not fear the opinions of men. Let humility and silence adorn and beautify you as I shift and transition you to a new purpose and greater blessing than you have ever experienced.

Do you trust Me? Let Me take you through the narrow place that is just ahead. Look not to the right hand or to the left. Do not check with those around you to see how you are doing in the task. Let Me guide you with My eye. Find your approval and your peace in My presence and not any other thing. Where others only see a wall I am opening a door and you will be ushered into a place of provision and accomplishment that others only dream of and would never see you experiencing. I am your protection and I am your advancement says the Father and I am pleased to reveal Myself in your life today in a new way that you have never known.

What Others are Saying:

I have received counsel, prophetic words and encouragement from Russell and Kitty for quite a few years now. Each time, the words are spot on! Accurate in delivery, filled with the heart of the Father. I have grown, been challenged in ministry and have had the eyes of my understanding open to new heights in the revelation of Jesus Christ. I Praise God for Father Heart Ministries and in awe of the Lord connecting me to Generals in the prophetic. The heart of Our Father is in both of them, and His compassion for His children flows like a river of grace through their ministry. Truly i can say “the word of the Lord has changed my life”.

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  • Alison Canty says:

    This is so amazing! I got another word from another prophet that is very similar! I am about to literally move to my promised land in 3 months! 3 months and then the harvest!

  • tb says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty for delivering the true word of God. I listened to your morning light video and it is so enlightening. I love this site but Russ please know that I must keep my dictionary close, when listening to you.
    You are highly intelligent and are a true teacher. Thank you and God bless you and Kitty always.

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