The Father says today, I am here – talk to Me. Stop casting about in your mind looking for the panic button! Roll all your cares upon Me for I am superintending all the circumstances of your life. Some have said that you shouldn’t pray for certain things but that is not true. I am concerned about every big and every small matter in your life. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are numbered, and when one of them is altered, the tally books of heaven are changed to reflect that happenstance. That is just how involved I am in your life. I am ALL IN, says the Father, where your needs and desires are concerned. I am not neglecting you nor am I ignoring you. Every breath that you take is sanctioned and gifted to you by a determinate decision on My part to keep you walking around on the earth. You are not just some biological set of processes I have spun off into existence without taking minute care and oversight of every single moment of your day.

Know then, that the situation at hand didn’t take me by surprise. I am not pacing before the throne wringing My hands wondering what I am going to do next about this fine fix you have found yourself in. Neither does it matter whose fault it is, even if you brought things upon yourself. There are those who have suggested I will not bail you out of the trouble you created yourself. I submit to you that where men’s matters are concerned, there is no other kind! Learn to politely ignore the congregation of the uninformed who think they speak for Me, but they get Me all wrong every time. I am a Lover, says God, and I love you with an everlasting love. I will never leave you or forsake you. Run to Me. Trust Me. Go ahead and dream the bigger dream. Broaden your horizons and believe for alternatives to where you’re at now. I am walking in your midst and I am working by My hand. You will not be disappointed as you let go of your way of doing things and relinquish all to My sovereign governance.

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