Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 5.56.43 PMThe Father says today that I am washing you. I am the cleansing you says the Father – you need to seek no further remedy. I AM the washing and refreshing you have need of another resource. I am that I am and I am washing you in My I-AM-NESS even this day. I am with you and in you – heart to Heart and spirit to Spirit. Cast yourself adrift on the streams of My compassion this day and find the cleansing of My grace. No more contamination, no more crying “unclean, unclean!” You are now cleansed and washed and made free by the waters of the word and the words that I speak TO you and INTO you this day.

I give you leave says the Father – I give you permission to be FOREVER changed. I give you liberty to advance into the fullness of the Christ by which I am seated in the heavenly places IN YOU even as you are IN ME. So go ahead says the Father – go ahead and revel in the streams of mercy that are pouring over you at this moment. Be immersed, yes be immersed and baptized in mercy and arise with a torrent of mercy flowing out of your belly to all those around you who are beset by guilt and sin even those that are captives of past regret and failure. Be a conduit of mercy now out to others and give them, GIVE THEM FREELY the full and free flowing love that I so liberally saturate you with today.

What Others are Saying:

I agree with what others are saying. Prophets Russ and Kitty are true expressions of the Father’s love. I am so happy to be a part of this great ministry. The word for this day touches the very core of my heart.

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  • Judith Dodson says:

    I have just recently gone through much ridicule and slander from some believers, that I thought were dear Christian friends, it really was a hard attack and I had to cleave to the Holy Spirit as my source of comfort in Jesus Christ and My Heavenly Father…..But when Iam cast down and low in spirit, that’s when I look to the Rock that is higher than I , for instruction and confirmation . . . .many times I come to this web page , and His answer is right there for me…….Thank you so much for your ministry to many of us who need a confirmation that we are where He has placed us , and are engaged in what He has assigned us to do in His Glorious Kingdom ! This word that you spoke from Him was so helpful to me. . . . .

  • Johanna says:

    I have just had a revelation from Luke 6 – on Tuesday evening – that love is mercy. Love in action is mercy. I spoke to someone yesterday about it, and as I have just cleaned my house, I was continually praying for someone and while I was cleaning the house of dust, I was thinking, that the cleaning is necessary for God to work freely in our lives as we minister to others and even in others to receive healing etc. as we go… I came down to keep the doors open for our business.. and went to your daily word as I do regularly and this word of today just confirmed the MERCY/LOVE/CLEANING-WASHING to me this morning! Praise Almighty God! Lord God Most High. Amen Amen Amen. So much more. Blessings in the Lord!

  • Daleen Palmer says:

    Oh, how this word ministers to me today. Talking to God before I fell asleep, realizing the atmosphere I work in shouts failure, over and over and over! Yet, woke in the middle of the night with a feeling of ‘happiness!’ No telling what today has in store, but trusting God and not going to be shaken!

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Thank you for this incredible message given on my birthday February 20th. I took the day off to be refreshed and revitalized and restored. What a refreshing message. Just reading it made me feel cleansed and renewed. What an awesome man of God you are to let God use you in such a wise, compassionate and miraculous way. Thank you Father-God for giving us the extra added strong fresh new deep unlimited anointing we need for the spreading of the gospel in Jesus’ name…amen.

  • Pamela says:

    What a wonderful sweet presence is flowing from Christ manifesting His love in us and over us! God is truly the GREAT I AM….. Thank you Russ and Kitty for sharing exactly what God is leading you to say every day! Even in famine, we have more than enough.

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