The Father says today, I am an all or nothing God in your life. I am meeting not just some, but all of your needs. I am addressing the entire inventory of concerns that are in your heart. Even those things and those people that are unreachable to you are securely at my disposal and I am working to bring about miraculous results. I am not a God of half measures. I am a go-all-the-way kind of savior in your life! Those things, those issues and those people may be outside your reach, but they represent no challenge to Me at all. So, ask largely and ask boldly. Ask for the impossible and I will bring the mountain low and the valley high and pour out upon you highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. Let your mouth pray, says the Father, for I will be petitioned of your hand. Ask and keep on asking. Knock and keep on knocking. If the unjust judge answered the widow for her continual crying, how much more will I answer you – for I hold you in My esteem as the very pupil of My eye.

You have looked, and you have expected Me to move in a certain way in times past, but I would that you understand that you’re a part of the process. I call you this day into a new understanding of partnering with Me in the process, says God. My name is Helper and that means you must come alongside Me as I come alongside you. You must put your hand and your word to that which is entirely beyond your grasp and just trust Me to make up the difference. You will not be dismayed, and you will not be embarrassed. For every prayer you pray there is a corresponding action of faith that is the pre-requisite of obtaining an answer. Failing to understand this in times past has left you confused and empty handed, but now you are ready to mature into a place of governance and dominion in your life that causes you to work WITH Me in all those things you are expecting and yes, those things that I have surely promised, says the Father.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Father,I received your mighty words today.

  • JANE Y CARLSON says:

    Just wanted to share that I am very thankful for Prophet Russ Walden for his “training for reigning”! During a very difficult transition, his prophetic words and teaching have re-aligned me and positioned me into new territory, with new confidence and fresh boldness to “Press on”! Very thankful for his obedience to share , train and activate the sons and daughters of God on earth for such a time as this. Many blessings in all areas of his life/family – greater revelation and prophesy to him and the interns. Prophet Russ Walden you are and will touch all areas of the 7 mountains of culture and help move many into their places of influence by the Spirit of God! Amen!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hallelujah.. awesome word.. confirmation for what God is about to do in my life and in others around me.. thank you Father God.. glory glory.. I love you Jesus.. Amen

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