dpw-150The Father says today that victory comes through a submissive will. You have to break out of the obstinate depression that refuses to look up and expect My greatness to manifest in your life. Beloved, self-pity robs you of your place in My kingdom. Take dominion over the embittered self and call yourself up to your identity in Christ. Commit to My process and leave the end results to Me. This is the next step says the Father. You have asked for understanding but what you were really asking for was a short cut but I am not offering one. Short cuts are for cowards says the Father. Short cuts rob you of the full bandwidth of My glory in your personal narrative. I am calling you to buy in to the full bandwidth of My process on your path to ultimate fulfillment.

So in your darkest times know that what you say affects who you are. Do not be depressed or heavy hearted – rather maintain hope and posture yourself in stillness even when you can’t see the good in what you are facing. Yes you can take a hit but quickly reposition yourself for ruling and reigning as a principality and a power in the earth. Fill your mind with what you want to come out of your mouth for what comes out of your mouth defines the parameters of what is about to happen in your life. Whining and complaining will open a gaping hole of suffering that you will immediately step into and wonder vainly “how did this happen”? Don’t whine says the Father – it isn’t becoming of a warrior. Open your mouth in praise and magnify My greatness in your immediate future – you will not be disappointed or turned back. No this is the day of blessing and the day of My favor for you – just open the door of praise and purpose and determination and you will experience My highest and best just ahead.

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