Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 8.21.07 PMThe Father says today that I am an EVER PRESENT help in your time of need. Call upon Me in the day of trouble and I will not trifle with you I will ANSWER YOU and that right speedily. I will not delay says the Father so there is no need to run for cover or try to manage the problems before you with natural wisdom or a delaying action as though I am not in your midst. I am your God and I am in your midst as your God. I never sit before you as a spectator or some aloof observer. I have acted, I am acting and I will continue to act in your defense and in your favor.

So go ahead and rejoice. Go ahead and dance. Go ahead and enter into rest and breath the sigh of relief for I am pushing the pressure of the enemy out and bringing the pressure of My kingdom and My blessing together in your behalf. Can you feel My touch? The touch of My hand is all that is necessary. I am not a far off God. I am near in proximity to you and My hands are open and My heart is willing. Trust Me. Expect My goodness to be manifest as your portion this very day.

What Others are Saying:

I was so thrilled to hear my prophetic word, delivered by Russ. Thank you so much! It means a lot and is such an encouragement to hear my heart cries and thought conversations with God answered so clearly as well as things i had been meditating on. Amazing! It was definitely God speaking.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I appreciate this website so much; and I log in daily. Thank you for your Word of encouragement to put strength in me and courage to boldy declare that I am the righteousness of God by Christ Jesus.

    So today.. this prophetic Word was most accurate because all week I was saying to God a scipture out of Psamls 91: “I will be with you in times of trouble. I will deliver you and honor you. ”

    I had a rough week at the office with co-workers speaking accusations that had gone on for months. This week, I was honored by God and all of the accusations were cleared, and I was offered a better position. My immediate supervisor did not like me and was listening to the co-workers. It was a struggle for months, and I was working in integrity and trying to do a good and excellent job in the midst of this environment. God exalted me, and the managers above my supervisor saw the truth and acted nobly and promoted me.

    Okay so the Word confirmed. I must say it was rough waters, and next time I will do as you say by prophetic voice and be rejoicing instead of stress. For God, honored me and protected my integrity for all to see….it felt so good to have the managers in my company defend me, even though my immediate supervisor did not.
    What i wanted is for God to defend me and protect my integrity, and this scipture of Ps.91 declares I will honor you. And I had no one to pray with me, and just me…in my dillemma. God was present and I’m thankful…because it was hard and confusing and I relied on Him to help me. Just Him and me.

    It is so true, (this Daily Word post) and I will copy and keep and meditate upon…for the times ahead. I need every advantage from God the Most High right now. I’ve got ideas and need the time and less distractions. He said of me, “I will be with her in trouble, I will deliever her and honor her” Thank you for confirming to me this Truth.

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