The Father says today, walk with Me in openness. I don’t want you to hide anymore. You have withheld yourself at times and stepped back because you didn’t want a target on your back. Listen to My voice, says the Father, for I want you to be conspicuous to your peers and those around you. Have conspicuous confidence in Me from this day forward. I will never disappoint those who put their trust in Me.  I want to make you conspicuous by the spirit with which you excel. I want you to be conspicuous by which you move in discipline regarding the vision that I have laid up in your heart. I want you to be conspicuous by which you refuse to live your life on the margins of provision but decide to go first class all the way.

Be a giver, says the Father. Give of yourself and give of your substance. As you lavish yourself, your love and your resources upon others, I will lavish Myself, My love and My resources upon you in equal measure. If you hold back then there will be unnecessary delay. If you launch out, I will inundate you with all of My goodness to the point you will cry out “Oh God, I cannot contain anymore!” This is who I am, says the Father, and who I want you to be to those around you. They are hiding, pretending and struggling with lack and fear. I want you to adopt largess of spirit as your default response to all those in need around you. Love the needy and be generous. Lavish your love upon them in substantive ways. What you make happen for others I will make happen for you and according to your sowing I will amplify your reaping and cause you to inherit the high places of the earth.

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