dpwThe Father says today stand fast. Stand fast in your confidence. No longer flailing away at circumstances that are beyond your control. I did not call you to be in control. I called you to a place of quiet trust in what I promised you in the midst of challenge. You can choose manipulation and fleshly dominion or you can accept the authority I give that only flows through humility and deference to My plan for your life. It is time to stop acting in the power of the flesh and begin walking in the power of My Spirit. The goals and purposes that have so long eluded you will suddenly become real probabilities when you come into that place of new and fresh yieldedness to Me.

I am the God who is able. My ability is an extension of your faith and trust in Me. There is no disability in Me. I am not impotent therefore you are not impotent. I am not powerless or incapable. Draw upon who I am on the inside of you and see the change come that you have cried out for. Refuse to see yourself any other way for you are in Me and I am in you. What you have purposed to do in life cannot be founded upon your small estimation of your limited human strength. Set your sights and your expectations on what only I am capable of bringing about and you will have then some semblance of that wonderful thing that I have in store for you in your future.

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  • Angie says:

    Amen… I needed that

  • Nicola Lane says:

    Thank you my friend – hope for the future xo

  • Robearh says:

    Thank you Father, my sights are continually up all you have spoken and promised to me, for it is on the horizon yet to be made known, to be manifested in this year of Jubliee. I stand on the authority of your
    promises, for I declare it today, it shall come to pass, my breakthrough is at hand, yet so close as I speak it, for it shall be a suddenly unto me. I praise you in all which you are, for you are an awesome loving Father.

  • Yes I’m Trusting in You Lord today and everyday

  • Sandy Rose says:

    I’m standing on your word and promises Father! I surrendered all to you and I trust, believe, and stand in confidence and expectation that you will bring forth all you promised! Amen!

  • Thank you GIVE me strength to BE STILL AND LISTEN, in JESUS Name

  • Etta Dalton says:

    So be it MY WONDERFUL LORD!!!! AMEN!!

  • Piper Henry says:

    In the mist of my life challenge.. I trust you Lord Jesus.. your purpose in me is greater than anything I can imagine.. I receive your word for I am blessed beyond measure.. Thank you Father God for confirmation of that which you have stored up and prepared for me to do. For my confidence is in you..

  • The words you have spoken, on a daily basis, have hit me right where it hurts, in the heart. You have challenged not only the Spirit of Almighty God in me but have helped to change my ways of thinking. It is my challenge not to just dream about what Almighty God is going to do with my surrendering to Him but to act with the belief that He will do what He has promised. I receive your words with the determination, in my heart and mind, to totally fulfill the destiny of Almighty God for my life. Thanks for being obedient to the Spirit and giving out words of edification, exhortation and comfort on a daily basis while speaking Truth. God bless.

  • Joyce Wright says:

    On time as usual!!!

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