Breakthrough Word for November 2018

The Father says today I am the one putting the turkey on the table this year. There is going to be love where love has been absent. There is going to singing and rejoicing as in days gone by. Estranged relationships will be mended, and My glory and grace is being poured out upon you in the holiday season ahead. Don’t dread the holidays says the Father for things are going to be different this year in the most wonderful way. Reach out. Let go of all hesitation or unrealistic expectations upon those close to you. I am a God of celebration, and you will see My hand working in the days ahead to give you a reason for thanks and a reason for gratitude in extraordinary and unexpected ways.

I am bringing forth peaceful, harmonious relationships and benefits, and blessing and supply. As you seek Me early so you will find Me. As you seek Me early and set your face to turn to My throne, I will manifest as your life and your now provision. Things are even shifting on the job and in the area of your vocation and calling. Those who have sought your hurt will turn and show favor where only animosity existed before. Those who have ignored you and mistreated you will suddenly turn and show support toward you and reward you for your faithful service and labor. Supply is increasing now says the Father. Favor is coming up like a groundswell of blessing to lift you up and out of the way things have been to a new place of honor and opportunity. I am not just opening one door says God I am opening many doors and many opportunities that will completely reshape things for you in fundamental ways.

Healing is coming to your home says, God. As the priests of old would cleanse the house and declare it free from its contamination, so I am not just cleansing you I am purging the environment around you from every unclean influence. No longer will you be wearied and weighed down with despair or desperation. My kingdom is peace, and My kingdom is joy. Joy unspeakable is your portion in this season says the Father. Joy is now this very day an overflowing resource in your life. Peace is your portion says the Father – I am bringing peace over you, even the peace of one whose warfare has been done away with. This is who I am and what I am doing in your life even now. Enter in and receive by faith all that I have for you. Lay hold by faith upon My more than you could ever ask or think outcome in every area of need you are currently experiencing.

The river of My gladness is diverting into the dry ground of your disappointments and past regrets. No more regret says the Father and no more despondency over things in the past. Let the past go. Forgive. Release. Bless. Know that I am the God of time and eternity and I am standing in your future speaking into the fracture and upheaval of the past to heal and mend and completely deliver you. Your past will not dictate your future. Your mistakes and your errors are being addressed, and I am bringing you out to a new day and a new season where you will experience My mercies that are renewed every morning. Man’s kindnesses die before the sun is set in the sky but My mercies are renewed every day afresh and anew so rejoice in My loving kindness and delight in what I am bringing about for this is a new time, and a new outcome for you is coming forth and coming forth in a speedy and expeditious manner says your God.

Now, I want you to go to and sow into this word. Every word mixed with faith immediately begins to come to the place of manifesting the substance.

Sow into your financial blessing.

Sow into the companionship you are believing God to bring you.

Sow into the healing that you have been standing for yourself or your loved one.

Sow into the career move you are believing to happen.

When something leaves your hand to God, something leaves His hand to you. Your offering is your point of contact with the promise of God to see it come to pass. There is marrow in this word and there is substance in this word to TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND and move things in the direction of God’s fullness and God’s promise, so act now and know that it is the most powerful thing you can do at this moment to step out of what is and in your new bright future in God’s destiny for your life.

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  • Kennedy says:

    Thanks so such for your message most grateful to man of that we will enjoy a good relationship as children of God. Bless you and the people who labouring with in the ministry

  • onome says:

    I need what await me

  • Carol May says:


  • Joshua Garcia says:

    Today’s breakthrough word is right on of what I know The Spirit of God is moving me and my family into, I had a knowing of what God was about to do and by faith I received this word and I know it’s going to manifest by agreement. The season we are coming out of in October was what it was and I’m thankful IN all things and grateful but I know that starting today after the rain has poured down all night in the New Orleans area we are going to see the New day and season spring fourth even in the fall as we have never seen before. God bless and thank y’all for being there and speaking The Fathers Heart. Amen

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