Prophetic Word By Graham Cooke The Rock Church August 3, 2012

It’s not my plan to keep you long this evening. I really came with a prophetic word for this house; this city and for this state. If you belong to another state you can so take it back with you. And whatever God gives you out of it that will be great.

When I’ve finished prophesying I’m gonna pray a prayer of response. If you want to you can stand and join in with that. And then I’m gonna quit and JR is going to get a ministry team up and we’re going to pray for people whoever needs prayer.

Holy Spirit, You’re the best I know you already know that; cause you know everything. But we think you are the geniuses of heaven here on earth. And I thank you for a spirit of wisdom and revelation that is coming into our lives, and how You’re waking us up to see the real truth of the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and how that impacts on us.

Thank you for this prophetic word. I’m grateful that you’re going to help me say it properly, and I’m grateful that you’re giving us ears to hear. Amen.

If I had a title for this prophetic word it would be this: “The Water Level Is Rising” this is what I believe the Lord would say to this house this city this state. This is the place and this is the time of my choosing, this is the house where I choose to do as I please, this is my time, and I will indulge my passion for my people; even in your midst. I have measured you in times past, I’ve corrected you and changed your face, I’ve seen you on your knees and heard your prayers. Behold I come to fulfill the dreams that I have placed in your heart. I have measured you for a blessing and now it is time to open the rivers from the heights of heaven and pour out my spirit upon all peoples in this place. The water level is rising in this house and throughout this region. I have promised many things to myself in this region and in this city. My beloved will know my presence. My beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out on the parched earth. This is no flash flood but an ancient dried riverbed being filled and flowing again. Places that knew and lost the previous moves shall know a new refreshing and a continuous flow of blessing. With this outpouring I require a new stewardship; I require that there shall be no partisan spirit, but a partnership of kingdom minded people. I require a partnership of fathers throughout the state who will produce new works and develop the sons of Heaven. This city this region this state shall be a portrait of Heaven; a visual aid to the lost; a house set on high where my glory shall be visible. You are a new poem, a craftsmanship of heaven that will overcome the religious spirit and join together as a corporate man. Many expressions of life, one body in Christ. Behold the water level is rising and the place of healing is rising with it. Miracles, signs, wonders, and the raising of the dead to life. All things are possible in the river of my blessing. I am taking the roof off this house. I will stand in your midst and sing over you. Worship will increase as glory

descends, many people will come to the waters for I am the fountain of life in your midst. I’m taking the roof off. I will not deny nor withhold; I will fill this place with blessing. I will soak these walls; I will soak these walls; I would no longer deny myself. I will indulge myself in this place I will sweep you off your feet. I will romance my beloved because a new intimacy is being released. And the longing of my heart for you will be indulged. The water level is rising and my passion is rising with it. I will build my throne in this place. I will make this my home. I will smile over you sing over you; say yes to all longings that I’ve placed within you. I give you permission to ask of me. I AM is with you and permission is granted. I am saying yes to your families, to your anointing, to your upgrade, to your children, to your prodigals, to your inheritance, to your marriage, to your promotion, to your finances, to your blessing, to your fulfillment of dreams. I give you permission to be bold, to ask of me, to cry out for the waste places. When I answer you it is because I am saying “Yes” to my own desires and passions. Heaven has come down and great joy is released. This shall be like the day of Israel‘s release from captivity. The deliverance from oppression that you will come out with a high hand of God and loud praise. This is a day like when they came out and they receive the wealth of the wicked and a new economy was birthed over a nation. This shall be a day like the rebuilding of the Temple where the presence of God was released and no one could stand. This will be a day like on to Pentecost where there was a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire and there was awe and wonder and astonishment. I am taking the roof off cathedrals and churches, offices, and stores, and government buildings, and outpouring that is inescapable and changes a city and a state. A day when all opposition will tumble, all wolves raised against me will crumble. It shall be as Jericho, not a judgment on people, but a dismantling of all that the enemy has raised up. I will tour this region and pour out springs in the low and high places. Downpours will come. Basements will flood and the enemy will be flushed out and exposed. There is no hiding place for the corrupt and the wicked because the refreshing will find them out and even as I shown my light on a rampaging Saul of Tarses, so do I make my enemies become my beloved. This shall be a city renewed reformed and resplendent my arms open wide to gather up all into my house. In this place the wisdom of heaven will replace the intellect of man and I will create over you all the things that I longed to see. I’m pleasing myself, I’m pleasing myself, I’m pleasing myself, this is about me getting what I want. Heaven will come down and my yes is coming to you; my yes is coming to you,my yes is coming to you, my yes is here and now, my yes is here and now, it’s here and now. This is a time for joy and laughter where tears shall cease and the broken will be restored cause everything will live where the river flows, and you will hear me laughing. And the sound of joy with fill the air. And the high place will be brought low and the low place shall be raised up. King’s shall fall and new Kings will appear. My government shall come and there will be an authority to rule released in your neighborhoods. There shall be no sound of mourning, no sound of grieving, no sound of crying, no sound of weeping or wailing. I will lift up the light of my countenance upon you and you will live under my smile. In this place of permission ask of me, ask me for the city, ask me for the region, ask me for the state, ask me for the state government, ask me from the place of dreaming, align yourself with my passion so that you resonate with my heart. To all those who long for intimacy you shall be filled. For those who just want power without presence I will not listen to you. Bow down and make a new alignment with me or I shall take what you have built by your own hand and give it to another. The king

has come and all rulers must bow. I’m taking the roof off and pouring out a blessing that will wash the city clean. The water level is rising. The water level is rising. The water level is rising and now you must learn to give and not waste the fullness that I bestow. I have measured you for a blessing so big that you cannot contain and you must let it flow out. I have promised myself many things in this state I will indulge myself. My passion shall be unchecked. I come to fulfill the dream of my heart as I answer the prayers of your heart. I come to fulfill my passion in this place. The water the level is rising, the water level is rising.

So if that’s resonating with you why don’t you stay standing. Assume the position. I’m going to pray a prayer of response, you do what you like.

So we say “Yes” to you LORD. We affirm our intention shall be as yours, we agree with Heaven, we agree with heaven. Sweep us off our feet, let us taste Your passion. Build your thrown in our hearts. Let us see your passion. Take the roof off, take the roof off, let the water level rise continuously until we are overwhelmed by the overflow. Soak these walls, soak these walls, soak these walls. Let this be a sacred space, do all that is on your heart to do. We resonate with you, do all that is on your heart do do; we resonate with you. Do all that is on your heart do; we resonate with you. Fill this place, fill our hearts, let Heaven come down; let Heaven worship here. Let the sound of heaven be heard. Do unprecedented things beyond our reasoning, beyond our imagination, let a certain sound go out across this city. Indulge yourself. Let the rivers flow. Release permission, and favor and blessing. Thank you for this living water. A fountain of life flowing within each of us. A river being outpoured. The water level rising. We say, “Yes” to all you intend. May our purpose, our desire, and our placement be fully aligned with your will. We say, “Amen”. May it be so. Thank you for measuring us for your blessing. Raise up fathers across this state who will steward this outpouring for the sake of the Kingdom, and the greater glory of the Lord Jesus. In His name we pray, amen.

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