The Father Says Today: September 19th, 2022

The Father says today that My goodness is flowing to you and growing in you. All heartache is washing away, and the streams that make glad the city of God are pouring out upon you in full measure. You are not excluded, and you are not disqualified, says the Father. Plan “A” for your life and destiny is still in the works and on the table. Believe and expect, for you will not be disappointed. The entitlement of sons is breaking out on the earth to bring shift and change. From the deepest chasm of darkness and captivity to the highest pinnacles of power among the nations My voice will be heard, and great will be your testimony. Know that I call you son, and I call you daughter. Know that I will never fail you. Know that I will never forsake you. To the cry of your heart, I thunder in reply, “Here AM I!” and everything changes.

Trust Me says the Father, for I AM a right now God. Trust Me for I AM an on-time God. Healing is your portion. Sorrow and sighing, flee away. Provision is coming, and lack will never again be seen in your land. Darkness is now dispelled, and the Daystar is arising in your heart to destroy every demonic siege work against you. The long-awaited and long-expected answer has come. Know that as I withheld not My Son from you 2000 years ago, neither will I now withhold any lesser gift. Reach out with the full assurance of faith. Step out on the waters of adversity, and I will be there to lead you to the other side where your dreams will be spontaneously fulfilled, and highest heart’s desire will be the assured outcome in your situation — all by My design and according to My desire toward you in all things.

Prophet Russ Walden

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  • To God be the Glory. It is and will be just as if he been spoken. I receive this prophetic word. Thank you. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽❤📖🙏🏽