The Father Says Today: November 23rd, 2022

The Father says today, do not allow your head to talk your heart out of My promise. The setbacks in your life at this hour are really set-ups from heaven to transition you into a place of yoke easy and burden light. I know it isn’t comfortable, but you did say you trust Me, right? Then don’t change your mind now. I will not leave you where you are because I am not willing for you to live without the fullness of joy. I am increasing the pressure, not to destroy, but to eject you from restriction and impediment into liberty and full blessing.

Prophet Russ – My God will NEVER LEAVE ME, He will NEVER FORSAKE ME! 

The way things look right now is not your permanent spiritual or even natural environment. Get ready for change. Embrace change. Seek change. Make change. Give Me some change, says the Father; I will give you some transformation. It’s a new day. It is a new day, and you are walking with Me, as of this hour, in a new way of life and a new way of making the decisions that govern your future. You are going to have to jettison the old mentality and wed your mind to your faith – and put your faith in charge where once natural reasoning ruled. Get up, says the Father. Get up and shake yourself, for the launching of a new blessing is at hand in your life.

Prophet Russ – I Want You to Be the Prophet in My Life!

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Prophet Russ Walden

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