The Father says today, be willing to come to Me outside the camp. The waiting has been long as you looked for others to figure it out and lead you in My kingdom where men have never gone before. Have you figured out that they aren’t interested? As the tribe of Ephraim in Joshua’s day, they have no interest in the inheritance I have afforded them by the work of Calvary. They are comfortable on the other side of Jordan. They refuse to see anything for themselves or you other than half measures and occasional random blessings. How many false covenants will you expose yourself to until you rise and shake yourself as Samson from the flaxen bonds of dead religion? I call you this day to come out of the leaks and garlic of Egypt’s bondage and make your way to Me and witness the glory on the plain that I will show you, even as I showed Ezekiel.

Rise up, says God, and take the staff of your testimony in your hand and follow Me. Follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes. I will bring you into your FULL inheritance and provoke to jealousy those languishing in lukewarmness who occupy themselves in nothing more than fig leaf religion. Love them. Never consider yourself better than them but leave that land of religious misdirection and hopelessness behind. Set yourself to be in hot pursuit of the lively hope that is in you by My gospel. I will make your feet like hind’s feet. I will teach your hands to be weapons of war. You will open your mouth, and My word in your mouth will be a fire obliterating every false yoke and every hinderance the enemy brings against you. This is your portion, says the Father, and I call you this day to walk in it.

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  • Den says:

    Something is wrong here! Explore dear.
    1 – the tribe of Ephraim received the inheritance not on the other side of the Jordan as stated in the post, but on this … On the other side of the Jordan there were 2.5 other tribes …
    Joshua 13: 8 – And the tribe of Reuben and Gad, with the other half of the tribe of Manasseh, received their inheritance from Moses beyond the Jordan to the east [of the sun], as Moses the Lord’s servant gave them,
    2 – The Promised Land absorbed the territories on both sides of the Jordan River from the Nile to the Euphrates (Ex. 23:31; Deut. 1: 6 – 8; Josh. 1: 2 – 4), therefore, even if the knee Ephraim is left on the other side of Jordan, it is still a promised land.
    3 – also in the post it is written “As the tribe of Ephraim in the days of Joshua …”, but how are the sons of Ephraim in the days of Joshua ??? what are we talking about ???

  • Bernard La Chance says:


  • Carol May says:

    Alleluia! I agree 💯 & received by the blessed precious name of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection power!

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name.

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