The Father Says Today: May 8th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 8th, 2019

The Father says today, you are standing before the east gate of My glory. Make the command and see the gate open and My glory come in. I have not come into your life because you think right or believe right. Your righteousness and entitlement do not originate in you or in anything you can do, think or feel. Get out of the thinking realm and the feeling realm and be kingdom inside minded once and forever. Think My kingdom and feel My kingdom. Feel My kingdom and know My glory as the native environment that redemption settles you into regardless of the corrupt earth or ungodly society displaying around you. Come to the mountain of My glory, says the Father, for I have cleansed your hands and I have purified your heart by virtue of the work of the Cross.
The elders around the throne are waiting. The four living creatures are waiting. The Lamb on the throne is waiting for you to come up out of earthly things and earthly considerations into that seated place on High where everything you say and everything you do becomes as effective as if I said it or did it. The envy of My Spirit is on you and is militating against every preoccupation that draws your eye from My glory and your heart from My presence. I want you to hear Me. I want you to touch Me and be touched by Me. I want you to feel Me and experience Me according to the faith that I have portioned to you. Receive of the effulgence – the out-raying of the divinity of My presence. Let the tsunami of the ministration of My Spirit roll over you and alter the landscape of your life bringing the mountains low and the valley’s high. This is the going forth place I have set before you this day, says the Father, so choose to go forth!

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Other Comments

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    Father I choose to go forth – if God be for me , then who can be against me , no not one!

  • Carol May says:

    Alleluia! I agree 💯 & received in Jesus Christ precious mighty name

  • mpaule tyrrell says:

    Just Brilliantly timely. Total expression of the Father’s benevolent Will and Love for His Beloved Bride. So powerfully rooted in Love. We are so blessed by this Living Word.
    A well of Blessings and Freshness. So thankful for Your gift Russ. And also thankful for Kitty’s word for May Breakthrough. Thank you for both releasing the voice of the Father through your gifting. What a Kingdom freshness and renewal waves of Love releasing Freedom on the earth. This is totally emanating from the Heart of The Father. Be Blessed. Thank you Ruth and Kitty.