The Father Says Today: May 24th, 2015

The Father Says Today: May 24th, 2015

dpw-150The Father says today trust in My keeping power. I am more interested in seeing you in the center of My love than in the center of My will. You see says the Father that My love PRODUCES My will in your life. This is what love does and love never fails! Love never fails because love is who I am. Love is what I do. Love is what I came for. Love is why I ascended back into the heavens. Love is why I am returning. Love. Can you take LOVE for an answer? When you accept LOVE as your base state in relationship to Me you are SWEPT from failure into fullness. From brokenness to repair and restoration. This is the returning says the Father. This is the rest. Rest in My love today. My LOVE will be doing all the work for you today – you need not add your striving to what LOVE is doing in your behalf this day.
When my love works its influence in your life being in my will effortlessly takes place. The things you expect to happen because you find my “perfect plan” are ALREADY your portion because of My PERFECT LOVE. Having a servant’s heart is no replacement for the heart response of simply being ACCEPTED in the BELOVED. The elder brother of the Prodigal didn’t get this. He didn’t understand that the feast was there for him every day and beloved – it is there for you today. I am not in love with a plan says the Father. I am in love with you. I didn’t die for a plan I died for you. I am not returning to the earth for a plan – I am returning for a wedding. Everything else is just details. So adjust your focus from the plan to the kiss of heaven that awaits all those who will accept no substitutes for deep and abiding intimacy with me.

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