Precisely the Prophetic Conference June 12-13 with Prophet Michial Ratliff

Precisely the Prophetic Conference June 12-13 with Prophet Michial Ratliff

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Registration for this Meeting is Now CLOSED

Join Russ and Kitty Walden in Branson, Missouri on June 12th, 13th to welcome Prophet Michial Ratliff. This is an absolutely rare opportunity for you to hear the prophet who accurately prophesied the Pensacola Revival. We have invited Michial to come and speak into the purposes of God in the earth and in the lives of those present at this conference.

What else could POSSIBLY go right?

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This is a two day, three session meeting held in the Cardinal Room of the Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center:
Friday 7 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.


Personal prophetic ministry will also be conducted so BRING your RECORDING DEVICE AS WELL. 


Don’t miss this special time with Prophets Russ and Kitty – REGISTRATION is FREE but REQUESTED. We look forward to hugging your neck and speaking into your life!

An Offering Will Be Received at the Meeting

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Other Comments

  • Dearest Father’s Heart Ministries,
    What a blessing to see Michial Ratliff minister. Everything he prophesied to me has fulfill or in the stages of fulfilling. Have been praying that Michial would be able to minister over here in the Pacific Northwest, especially now with the reports and warnings of a mega 9.1+ quake. There needs to be revival over here and this quake may be the catalyst for it. Even David Wilkerson alluded to it 30 years in a book. If you can have michial email Blessings. Or, could he get on the Jim Bakker show to speak. Just wondering.

  • I love Michial! His ability to hear from the Lord is very accurate. So glad you and Kitty are joining up with him and Mary Jo. May Jesus bless your time in Missouri.