The Father Says Today: March 9th, 2023

The Father says today is enrollment day for you. I am giving you a crash course in the Institute of NOW, says the Father. This is your NOW season. Look not at tomorrow, for this is the day of salvation for you. Look not at the past, for your past will not be a commentary on your future. Your past is no measurement of the quality of your tomorrow. Refuse to believe the lies and obfuscations of those who would only make merchandise of your fears. Reject the slick, silver-tongued lies of those who paid no price to speak for you or into your life.

Prophet Russ – I am Sowing My Faith
into This Word – Today!

I paid the price, says the Father, and I have a ways and means committee to make good on every promise. This is your day. This is your now, and I will cause your now to be an education in My goodness, grace, and unconditional love. I am your benefactor, says the Father, and I am not on a budget, neither am I pursuing some hidden agenda. My love for you is plainly and openly manifest in the death of the cross. The cross is the cosmic object lesson of My willingness to love you. The resurrection is the open demonstration of My ability to make good on every promise, both NOW and in the days to come.

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