The Father Says Today: March 10th, 2023

The Father says today, you are not subject to bondage; you are eligible for freedom. I give you freedom of choice, freedom of supply, and the freedom of time, to pursue my purposes as they are revealed in your heart. That thing that had the power of death has been defeated and cannot take time from you. Because I have time, you have time, says the Father. With time, I give you wisdom as well and supply to implement my purposes upon the earth.

Prophet Russ – I am Sowing My Faith into This Word – Today!

So don’t kill time, says the Father, for time is your servant, and in due time it will tell; it will declare my glory in your life, for I am the ever faithful one. So set aside and let go of all stress and all bondage to the ticking of the clock. For I am your sovereign benefactor, extending to you, in your lifespan, the exact number of days to experience the full bandwidth of My plan and My blessing you are destined to experience.

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