The Father Says Today: July 13th, 2020

The Father says today I am making My name famous in New York, Las Vegas, and the major cities of the West Coast and Western Europe. I am visiting the Kremlin as well and the headquarters of the Red Guard in Tehran. Even the Angel of Change, the angel of My presence, is walking the halls of power in the earth to bring shaking and interruption and disruption to the plans of man that the initiatives of My kingdom might come forth and be made unmistakably evident even to the most obstinate unbelievers. Vladimir will awaken in the night, and My angel will be standing over him. Yes, even Vladimir Putin will see the handwriting upon the wall and be shaken in his core and cry out, “what must I do…” The Ayatollahs will walk into their secret places and find that the concealed plans have been shouted from rooftops, for I am raising up prophets in the ancient land of the Parthians to confront and to confound the axis of chaos.

Even in China, says the Father – the Polit bureau will convene, and I will walk into their midst, and they will be unable to do business for the cloud of My presence will manifest. They will look at each other and say, “what is this?” They will say, “why am I crying?” For the spirit of My power will cause the scales to fall from their eyes that they might know the Red Dragon for who she is and realize the depth of their own captivity. In Washington DC, Jezebel in high places will be routed out, and those that aren’t voted out will nonetheless make their exit for their time is up, and I will wait no more. I have heard the cry of My people in captivity says the Father and I have heard your cry. Ready yourself and steady yourself for there is coming a global polarity shift of the axis of culture and society, for I am moving to bring you out to the high places of the earth, and I will wait no longer to do so.

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