The Father Says Today: August 31st, 2021

I desire truth in your inward parts that can only come through My Word mixed with My Spirit and revelation to get the whole picture built on the inside of you. This is not just head knowledge of My Word, nor is it by visual proof of overflowing gifts and manifestations of My Spirit that determines that you are found worthy to carry the weight of My Glory. Nothing by man’s works will produce what I Am orchestrating inside of My people and in the earth. None have the full measure of My Spirit and revelation, understanding and wisdom. It takes a proper mixing of both parts to achieve the mind of Christ functioning in and through you to the measure of fullness in your own life and much more so when you intend to walk in that level of anointing when ministering to others. Watch and pray, that you do not fall into temptation for the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. You are living in the day of intense deception when even the very elect can be deceived.

Just as the proud say I have no pride, the deceived believe they have all the answers and will eventually stop receiving divine insight. Watch and pray for you do not know the hour that the Son of Man comes. To the very ones that say He is coming this day or that, it will not be on that day. To the ones that say He is not coming, to them it will be a surprise when He comes. I Am coming and I have My Word and righteous judgement with Me for only I Am worthy to open and reveal what is yet to come. You are near that day and can see signs of the times, so what are you doing with it? Spending it in contention and strife or are you about unity and love? Those who are about My business will be the ones who are on the front lines and in the know about My times and seasons. They will be the ones that are known by their divine and inspired love they have for one another and for what I love. They have entered into My rest and will walk in peace in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

Georgette Thompson

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  • Yes, I want to be in that number in which the Lord will say well done my good and faithful servant come in. May the Lord help and strengthen His Saints in these last days. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 🙏