The Father Says Today: August 11th, 2020

The Father says today I am your righteousness. When I look at you says the Father I see the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. That is the basis of every answered prayer and blessing in your life. When I look at you, I see the blood on the doorpost of your heart, and I pass over you to protect you and bring you out of your captivity. I move in your life, not based on who you are or what you have done for Me. I move in your life on the basis of who I am and what I did for you on the Cross 2000 years ago. When you come before Me in prayer, realize that the Cross is enough. Giving your body to be burned or making some religious sacrifice does not prompt Me to act in your life in any way. You are qualified for all of heaven’s best because of what I have done and am doing in you and not any other thing.

Accept your place before Me this day says the Father. Receive the fact of the finished work of Calvary. Lay aside every human effort to get My attention and just know that I have set you as the pupil of My eye. I see your distress and will have mercy in your time of need. Come before Me expectantly and wait patiently on the thing that I am bringing about. Commune with your own heart on your bed and say to your busy little mind, “Be still and know…” There are those around you filled with pessimism, but that is not your portion. Sarcasm is the last defense of the carnal mind. Let cynicism and sarcasm be displaced with gladness in your heart and the light of My countenance. Your time of celebration has come. Your corn and wine are increased. Enter into My peace even the calmness of one whose warfare has been done away with in the Cross; then you will lay down in tranquility and sleep the sleep of a babe, safe in My arms.

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