The Father Says Today: April 30th, 2018

The Father Says Today: April 30th, 2018

The Father says today, stop striving in vain to be good. When the rich young ruler called Me good Master, did I not say that only one was good and that was the Father in heaven? Stop trying to earn what I have freely given. You are trying to be good because the enemy has deceived you into thinking you must earn by striving what I have already afforded you by the work of the Cross. Take no thought for tomorrow. Take no thought for creature comforts. What you shall eat, where you shall sleep, what you shall put on, I have already taken care of those things. There is no need for kingdom-minded people to ever be distracted by such things. Your portion is to experience an as-in-heaven-so-on-earth reality and experience it here and now on the earth, not just when you get to heaven. There is no poverty or bankruptcy in heaven, neither is any such thing your portion on the earth. Stop allowing the enemy or the experience you are facing to rob you of My joy. Just go out in your day and be My beloved and see what manifests in your life.
Listen to My sound, says the Father! My sound is reverberating in your life right now. A door in the heavens is opening before you. What you have heard others describe in fanciful detail, I now bid you to experience for yourself. It is not necessary to be ever listening to mere stories of the heavens, for I have seated you in the heavens. Close your eyes to earthly distractions and I will open them to heavenly realities. You do not have to be super-spiritual, you just need to make yourself available. Every window I open in vision I also provide a door for you to walk through. You will see, and you will know. The things of the heavens will not be alien to you because you were with Me in the heavens even on the day that I laid the foundations of the earth. You will see, and you will know. You will experience yes, and you will taste of the bounty of My table. You will lay hold on spiritual substance in the heavens and bring it out of the realm of the Spirit and into the realm of your need in the natural, to satisfy and meet every obligation that you might have.

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