The Father Says Today: May 17th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 17th, 2019

The Father says today, don’t preach to devils – CAST THEM OUT. You are a king and kings outrank principalities. The enemy seeks whom he may devour, but that doesn’t mean he can or will. My hand of protection is upon you even this day to confront and pull down spiritual darkness hidden in wickedness around you. You will walk into the presence of those bound by the demonic and they will spontaneously manifest. Tell them to SHUT UP and COME OUT. The sons of Sceva are alive and well among My people today. They want to dabble and play around with the demonic because it tickles their fancy to do so. They think it makes them look powerful to challenge a demon and have a conversation with it. That is not your assignment or your portion. There is a mantle of power upon your shoulders. Don’t defile the anointing on your life by using it for cheap parlor tricks. I have empowered you to cast out devils, raise the dead, and heal the sick. This is your privilege, and this is your mandate.
Tell your eyes to be open, says the Father. Open your eyes not only to see the slithering loser, the devil but also to see that strong angel that is standing by to assist you when you make up your mind to walk in the mandates of My kingdom toward those that are without. I never called you to talk someone into a theological argument and call that salvation. Move instead in signs, miracles, and wonders, and they will sit at your feet, for they know that I am in you to heal their hurts and set them free. Always remember, DEMONSTRATE FIRST, then you can reason with them that their scarlet sins might be made white as snow.

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  • Glory To JEHOVAH#!, through Jesus Christ, living in Christians, through HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!!Every knee shall BOW , every tongue, CONFESS, that JESUS CHRIST, is THE ANOINTED, THE SON OF THE LIVING LORD!!!!

  • Micah Aruakpor says:

    Thank you Lord for you words are accurate. Changing my life daily. God bless fathers heart ministries.

  • JOSEPH MULWA says:

    Amen I receive in Jesus name.Thank you Jesus for power and authority. Jesus you ROCK.